Visual storytelling: the Horn of Africa Crisis


Infographics are great vehicles for storytelling and for presenting statistics in a way that grounds numbers in a more tangible reality. Such was the exercise that I embarked on when Egyptian-based infographics and data visualization lab, Bayanat, got in touch with Asilia –  to create an infographic reminding people that the crisis in the Horn of Africa still requires our help.

Here's the result. The graphic has already received quite a bit of attention (1,323 views on the Bayanat blog alone at my last count). I hope that this inspires more people to share their support in whatever way they can. Wondering how you can help? Here are some ideas.

The image above is just an excerpt from the graphic. See/download the full graphic here

Visit to ?Choices!: The 2011 African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival


The week's art theme continues …

I made it to the AACDD exhibit at the Bargehouse, last week. With African and African-Caribbean artists representing several art and design disciplines (however video and animation were noticeably absent), it's definitely worth a visit. The show is open until the 25th so you still have some time. Visit the Afri-love Facebook page to see more of the pieces that especially caught my eye.

Photos taken on my phone (i.e. they do not do the work justice), with permission of the AACDD. 
Top: A beautiful installation inspired by Ethiopian and Eritrean coffee ceremonies – 'Derdja', by Jonathan Hagos
Mid left: Table by Yinka Ilori
Mid right: Dovetail stool by Taslim Martin
Bottom left: By Berjo Mouanga
Bottom right: (if anyone has the name of the artist, please let me know)

The making of Merkato: pledge for beauty & people’s livelihoods


A great Kickstarter project was brought to my attention by KateBomz. Merkato is a documentary film about one of the largest and oldest open-air markets in Africa – in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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East Africa food crisis appeal: A different kind of thanks this Friday

Today, I'm not just thankful that it's Friday. I'm grateful that I have nutritious food to eat and that my family back in Kenya has not been directly affected by the food crisis that has caught the world's attention.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 10.7 million people across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are in need of humanitarian assitance. 25% of Somalia's population has been displaced creating a situation where there are now refugee camps around refugee camps!

People in Kenya, managed to raise $200,000 in 12 hours through mobile phone campaigns. Individual Kenyans, such as Ahmed Salim and his FeedKE campaign, have stepped up to rally their compatriots.

Wherever in the world you are, you can help make a difference too. Below is a compilation of links to donation appeals by different charities. No matter your affiliations, there's an organisation that you can get behind. Please do share information on any other appeals and campaigns that we can support.

Appeals by international charities
Christian Aid
Disasters Emergency Committee
Islamic Relief
Red Cross
Save the Children
Global Fund for Women

Kenyan appeals
If you're in Kenya, you can use your phone to make a donation, however small, that will be collected directly by the Kenya Red Cross. Use the links below for more information on how to:

You can also use your Visa card to make an online donation.

A positive takeaway
As a Kenyan, it is especially encouraging for me to see Kenyans coming together for a good cause. I echo Truthslinger Mutua Matheka's question: "Now that we know we can unite over causes like #feedke & #kenyansforkenya could we go on & unite against tribalism & bad leadership?"

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your contribution.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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The Polychromatic Afropolitan

Something bright for your weekend, even if it's grey outside (as it is here!). Picking up where we left off with the Afropolitan series.

Modern kuba cloth pattern tablemat by Aphro Chic; Crochet Maasai necklace by Etsy seller ZZAG; Eva Sonaike Faji notebook from the MsAfropolitan online boutique; Maslinda suede fringe necklace; Hand-stitched leather ball key rings from Mali; Woven kente bangles, handmade for Anthropologie by master weavers in Rwanda; Ghanaian Gambibgo pot; "Yoruba" bedding; Handwoven 100% silk scarf, made in Ethiopia, from Aiyda

Week in review

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Lulu x


Image above: M3NSA's album cover for No. 1 Mango Street


Week in review

Lesley-of-Ododo-Originals wir



Ghadames wall design wir


I am fortunate to have spent Christmas with family and friends, eating good home-cooked food and sharing laughter. I hope that all of you who celebrate the holiday had a good one and that all of you who don't and had the opportunity to take a break, had a refreshing day. With just one week until we step into 2011, I find myself putting myself under pressure to properly take stock of the year and plan ahead for the next one. I'm making it a point to keep dragging myself back to the present moment and not stress toooooo much about all the expectations that come with the New Year milestone. We'll see what happens over this coming week though!

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Images from top: Lesley of Ododo Originals, Khadambi Asalache's house, AfroCubism artists, Ghadames wall art from Libya and Amani ya Juu quilts