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Rafiya CD Amazing



I hope you've all had a fantastic week. Mine's been hectic and it's great to exhale a little, take stock and get revved up for the week ahead. It was busy on the blog too with multi-media inspiration! The week ended on a high note with a taste of the continuing influence of Fela Kuti's spirit.

Here's a round-up in case you missed anything:

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This coming week, look out for:

  • Quote of the week
  • Moving beyond defiance through design and investigating design for good
  • An interview with an incredibly funky and Afri-fabulous London-based designer
  • Inspiration from a handful of my role models 
  • TGIF! a look at African music's new classics
  • A celebration for Zambia's Independence Day 

Have a fantastic week! Be proud and be inspired.


Images above: 2nd from top – Fela-inspired art (see Fela post for details); 3rd from top – songstress Rafiya's CD, Amazing; graphic defiance from Chaz Maviyane-Davies (see post for details); bottom – jewelry from Rachel Stewart.

Equatorial Guinea Independence Day with Las Hijas Del Sol


Equatorial Guinea celebrates independence today.

Africa's most prosperous country has inspired several writers in the West who have used the country (or created a fictional one with a striking resemblance) as a setting for their novels. Most famously, Frederick Forsyth (The Dogs of War), Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson (The Illuminatus! Trilogy) and Robin Cook (Chromosome 6).

Interesting fact: Equatorial Guinea was the only Spanish colony in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Below is a video by Equatoguinean (that's right) group, Las Hijas del Sol, courtesy of YouTuber rdemeij. It's great to see the mix of cultures expressed in the combination of dancing, language and dress. 

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