TGIF! Guest Post: Late and Rare



I’m very happy to present you with a guest post from my dynamic friend, Elelta Demissie aka Ellesbells aka TechWench (which is the name of her web development company). Elelta can be found online: blogging on Nothing to Display; experimenting with and sharing recipes on Eat Alicha (including Eritrean-inspired dishes) and; sharing dope mixes on Mixcloud.  In real life, you can find her joy running around London and hanging out in radio stations, presenting shows. Phew! (tired yet?). And I thought I had many things going on!

Handing over to El and a seriously good set of tracks …

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Eritrea Independence Day with Elem magazine, Eat Alicha and eyo

EYo All About Timing

Today, Eritrea celebrates independence. A triple dose of inspiration lies below with Elem magazine, culinary treats from Eat Alicha and the musical stylings of eYo. I have to ask: are all these "E"s coincidental?

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