Fusion Deli, Adorned


If you were following the preparations I was making to exhibit some work at the Didsbury Arts Festival, above are some pictures of the results! View more over on Flickr. If you're in Manchester some time before the end of this Saturday, pay Fusion Deli a visit to see the work in the flesh. If you're interested in purchasing any prints, bags or aprons, you can do so over on Etsy.

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Choice Afri-love picks at the Didsbury Arts Festival



As well as looking forward to exhibiting at the Didsbury Arts Festival, I'm really looking forward to a good lineup of events. The following ones are inked in my diary:

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Preparing for Adorned: the Creativity and Noise factor


It's quite fortuitous that I live with a screen printer. Lus of Creativity and Noise has turned our living room into a makeshift studio, where he's been printing my artwork on paper, tees, aprons, cardboard, the floor … turning the vision into more of a reality, day by day. Above are some shots I sneaked, including of Lus himself!

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Inspiration for Adorned


Above, some of the inspiration for the exhibition/installation I'm preparing for, Adorned. Along with circles and patterns, I'm obssessed with adornment, in its many interpretations and expressions.

Peter at Fusion Deli is to thank for steering me in the food direction. He asked me if any of my work had to do with food and, up until that point, it didn't. As I opened my mind to the idea, all these playful images started to fill my mind and make their way into reality, via experiments on-screen and on paper. Stay tuned for tomorrow's chapter where I rope in a little help from some friends …

Botanical illustration by Ernst Haeckel via The Sea of Tea; Yves Saint Laurent ring on Net-a-Porter; tentacles photo by locket479 on Flickr, woody plant cross-section via PAXcam.com; trees watercolour by Stina Persson; cross-section print by Degree; belts by Adele Dejak; painted wardrobe by Sans Parapluie.

Adorned at the Didsbury Arts Festival


The annual, multi-disciplinary Didsbury Arts Festival is just around the corner and I've been busy preparing my contribution. Once again, I'll be taking part in "Art Over the Counter", where I'll be partnering with a local business whose premises will host my work. You might remember my Female Relations paintings from last year. This time, I'll be  staging a display of prints, wearables and random hanging things at Fusion Deli.

The exhibition starts this Saturday and every day this week, I'll be sharing with you the inspiration for my exhibit, Adorned, as well as the process of getting everything ready.