Storytelling at the Ubele African and Caribbean Communities in Conversation


When I was about to finish my undergraduate degree at Pratt Institute, I decided to have some business cards made, to prepare me for the big bad world of work (or to be more precise, looking for it). I found this deal in downtown Brooklyn where I could get 5,000 cards for a relatively reasonable price. So I decided to design cards with content that would be relevant for many years to come. That meant two things:

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Diaspora ChangeMakers: the RSA’s New Leadership Project Needs You!



A couple of months ago I went to the RSA to participate in a brainstorm for a project they had in the works and I'm so pleased that it is finally live. Diaspora ChangeMakers will identify and bring together the UK's most promising individuals of African origin with a desire to support African communities (on the continent and in the diaspora). 

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Women are Terrifying, Strange and Beautiful: In Celebration of International Women’s Day

Live Unchained Terrifying Strange Beautiful


Live Unchained is preparing to bring London-based Kenyan-born Somali poet and writer, Warsan Shire, to Washington, DC for the first Live Unchained annual awards ceremony, "Terrifying, Strange and Beautiful". If you've missed previous posts about Live Unchained  my collaborations with them and interviews, including one with co-founder and "Chief Visionary Officer" (love that!), Kathryn Buford, then you need to check out this international arts organisation for women across the African diaspora. 

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TGIF! with the Musical Women at WOW 2013

The Women of the World Festival at London's Southbank Centre is coming and there are some great music performances that will be complementing the various talks and workshops. Today, enjoy music and spoken word from the African and diaspora contigent of artists who will be performing next week.

Don't forget to also check out the Afri-love top picks for WOW events to do with business, entrepreneurship and career development and stay tuned for culture, activism and social debate picks, early next week.


Meklit Hadero 

WOW 2013 Meklit Hadero

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UPDATE: Africa and Diaspora related Events in the UK this Summer

Desdemona Rokia Traoré Toni Morrison

Check out the post for new events. Some this week that you won't want to miss include Rokia Traoré and Toni Morrison's adaptation of Shakespeare's Desdemona (tomorrow and Friday) and the Africa Stage at the BT River of Music Festival (this weekend) and more down the line.

More events and details here.

Africa- and Diaspora-related events this November

November's already here. A reminder that the year is almost through but, before we get ready to welcome in 2012, there are TONS of exciting events to attend. Here are just a few. They're very London-centric so I'd love to hear about all the interesting things going on in your corner of the globe – please share.



Launch of Afriapps book: African Apps in a Global Marketplace

You might remember Andrew Mugoya's guest posts about African apps ("5 Reasons why Ghana is the next African app powerhouse", "Learning from the Success of Nollywood"). Today, Andrew launches an ebook on the subject that is free to download for a limited period. Get it while it's hot!




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Interview with Live Unchained Co-Founder, Kathryn Buford


I'm really excited about today's interview with Live Unchained Co-Founder and PhD candidate, Kathryn Buford. Live Unchained is a global arts and media initiative featuring black women artists and writers across the African diaspora. I virtually met Kathryn earlier this year when she approached me for an interview and since then, we've been exchanging ideas, finding opportunities to collaborate and sharing life experiences. Despite the thousands of miles between us, we've become friends and I'm really honoured to know this inspiring, intelligent, thoughtful woman and to share her story with you.

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Africa and Diaspora events this October

As September draws to a close, I'm getting geared up for a bunch of exciting events in October. I'm one of those people who plans her social calendar waaaay in advance and diligently researches to find Afri-love-inspiring events. Not always easy but definitely worth it! I thought that I'd spare you some of the time and effort and compile all the Africa and Diaspora related events that I find each month. I also hope to tap into the power of crowd-sourcing to create an even richer listing for all of us. I invite you to share the great discoveries that you make in your "yard" (see the bottom of this post for details). Enjoy!


Black History Month (UK) events in Islington
Islington Council is organising a variety of free and low cost film screenings, exhibitions, talks, readings, poetry and performances inspiring and connecting communities to historical legacies and Black experience today
Download Islington Black History Month 2011- Arts and Culture events
Download Islington Black History Month 2011 – Business and Enterprise events
Download Islington Black History Month 2011 – Schools activities 


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You’re unchained when … (& bring Live Unchained to SXSW!)


I love collaborating with the wonderful peeps at arts and media initiative Live Unchained. I recently helped them design a PDF capturing the results from their recent "Media Muse" creative collab project. You can find out more about it, as well as download it for free, on their blog.

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