Pins of the Week: Eclectic Global Boho Chic

1 Leonce-Raphael-Agbodjelou-Abacaxi-NYC-Collar-Top


That mouthful of a title summarises much of what visually turns me on. I think of an abundance of pattern, colour, prints – and wacky combinations of all three! Despite the diversity of traditions and design output, I think it's interesting to note the similarities when you look at Africa, Asia and Latin America. Similarities in feel and creative energy – i.e. something rather intangible – perhaps, more than anything else.


2 Abacaxi NYC Skirt




6 African-Print-Jekkah-Mens-Shirt-Asos-Africa-Kanga-Top-Trousers


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Pins – left-right, from top: Photo by Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou; fashion from Abacaxi NYC; skirt from Abacaxi NYC; stylish dudes; prints galore; backpack; chairs; men's top from Jekkah; Asos Africa outfit.



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ASOS Africa


I'm digging these pieces from the Africa collection at online fashion boutique, ASOS. ASOS Africa uses hand-woven fabric produced in Mombasa, Kenya, incorporating vibrant Kitenge prints from Tanzania and accessories from jewellery brand MADE. In collaboration with SOKO, Bedi and the Crochet Sisters, the collection provides employment to underprivileged communities in Kenya.

ASOS donates £5 from every collection item sold and matches each purchase with an additional £5 – all to help SOKO to build a new workshop.