The Best of 2012: Art, Design, Interviews, Commentary & Music

It will be 2013 in under a week and that means it's time for one of those lists summing up the highlights of the year! The following is a selection of posts that you found most interesting (as per the analytics); posts that I most enjoyed creating; exciting discoveries and; some off-blog but on-topic articles.

Baytail Ajaib Lamu Interior Design

Art and Design

Interview with Artist Toyin Odutola


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Afritecture: Exploring Africa’s influence on contemporary architecture



Afritecture aims to celebrate the African influence on today's built environment. Africa's influence on modern art and music is well documented but African architecture is rarely considered with reference to contemporary architecture.

"Over the centuries, cultures within continental Africa have developed and used numerous design principles in the design and construction of their surroundings.  Out of necessity, availability, and creativity, these aesthetics - which are as varied as the continent’s vast cultural diversity, and further modified as they have passed through the screens of Eastern and Western cultures - are still prevalant within today’s urban context not only in Africa, but throughout the world." (Afritecture)

Image: The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, by Dick van GamerenBjarne Mastenbroek, Abba Architects