Showcasing, Encouraging and Supporting Creative Entrepreneurship



I observe that the term "entrepreneur" is nowadays appreciated for the wide-encompassing tile that it is. There are so many types of entrepreneurship.
To name a few:



Behaving like an entrepreneur in your role as an employee of an organisation.


Necessity entrepreneurship

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The Wisdom of Crowds: A Collection of Treasures from 4 Years of Afri-love, Part III


Following parts I and II, today we wrap up the birthday celebration with the third and final installation of the collection of treasures. I am extremely grateful to all readers, subscribers, fans, followers and supporters. The journey has been all the more richer because of all of you who've shared ideas and critique, discoveries and personal stories. This is a celebration of you all!

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Naana B: Spring/Summer 2012 collection & supporting rural communities in Ghana




Fashion designer Naana B is back with a vibrant new collection for Spring/Summer 2012 and I'm loving the dresses!

Naana B works with the Rural Communities Empowerment Center (RCEC) in Ghana to produce her label. The charity is competing to be a recipient of the annual Star 100 New York Fundraiser and you can support them by casting your vote here by the 29th of November

If you missed Naana B's Afri-love interview from earlier this year, check it out here.

The world I choose – a Think Act Vote Futures Interview


Think Act Vote (?!X) is my kind of initiative. Using creativity and culture, the think-tank explores and expresses issues of sustainability, citizenship, politics and essentially, change. Most importantly, they remind us that change is in our own hands. We have agency – to dream and to take action towards making those dreams come true. 

Recently, Think Act Vote asked me to contribute to their Futures Interview series and share my dream of the future. This is it

What's the future you choose? Share it with Think Act Vote here and check out the many inspiring visions.

You’re unchained when … (& bring Live Unchained to SXSW!)


I love collaborating with the wonderful peeps at arts and media initiative Live Unchained. I recently helped them design a PDF capturing the results from their recent "Media Muse" creative collab project. You can find out more about it, as well as download it for free, on their blog.

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East Africa food crisis appeal: A different kind of thanks this Friday

Today, I'm not just thankful that it's Friday. I'm grateful that I have nutritious food to eat and that my family back in Kenya has not been directly affected by the food crisis that has caught the world's attention.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 10.7 million people across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are in need of humanitarian assitance. 25% of Somalia's population has been displaced creating a situation where there are now refugee camps around refugee camps!

People in Kenya, managed to raise $200,000 in 12 hours through mobile phone campaigns. Individual Kenyans, such as Ahmed Salim and his FeedKE campaign, have stepped up to rally their compatriots.

Wherever in the world you are, you can help make a difference too. Below is a compilation of links to donation appeals by different charities. No matter your affiliations, there's an organisation that you can get behind. Please do share information on any other appeals and campaigns that we can support.

Appeals by international charities
Christian Aid
Disasters Emergency Committee
Islamic Relief
Red Cross
Save the Children
Global Fund for Women

Kenyan appeals
If you're in Kenya, you can use your phone to make a donation, however small, that will be collected directly by the Kenya Red Cross. Use the links below for more information on how to:

You can also use your Visa card to make an online donation.

A positive takeaway
As a Kenyan, it is especially encouraging for me to see Kenyans coming together for a good cause. I echo Truthslinger Mutua Matheka's question: "Now that we know we can unite over causes like #feedke & #kenyansforkenya could we go on & unite against tribalism & bad leadership?"

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your contribution.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Week in review and putting in the work

Back in business indeed! It's been a great week. I've been working 12 hour days and I can still say that because, I changed my attitude. Ultimately, I love what I do and, from that perspective, all the time I put into it is enjoyment rather than chore. Sure I don't think 12 hour days are sustainable (nor desirable) in the long-run but, sometimes you have to put in that extra effort/time/energy/sweat/sacrifice to get to where you want. That's what thousands of people across our continent (and further afield) are demonstrating by actively demanding change.

It's not even March and we've seen results such as many never expected. Two dictatorial regimes toppled in Tunisia and Egypt and, Libyans and Algerians standing up to their governments too. You can't help but wonder where this revolutionary momentum will blow to next. Some Sub-Saharan governments, in what cannot be considered anything but an admission of tyranny, are rushing to censor information* about the aforementioned protests up North. What in their minds must seem like prevention, will surely further fuel the fire within the hearts of dissatisfied citizens. 

I've found it to be true that, once you start doing something, you generate the awareness, insight and energy to do so much more. Idleness begets idleness and action becomes exponential. It is with this attitude, that I plan to approach the rest of 2011 and I hope you will too! Let's go create the lives we want.

(* Thanks for the link @Mwistar)


On the lookout: Afriapps

Picture 12

Afriapps is a new Asilia initiative to showcase apps from and for Africa. We are  looking forward to further developing this platform for exposure, for both developers and users alike. The work will involve helping to establish industry standards, with the aim of increasing the quality (and competitiveness) of apps from and for Africa. My business partner, Andrew Mugoya, talks more about it here and discusses it with Afrinnovator here.


Last week on the blog


A full week it was. Here is a recap, in case you missed anything:


Thanks as always for taking the time to read and to share comments, facebook appreciation and tweet love. Remember, you can also get blog updates as well as extra links, ideas, news and info via facebook (afriloveblog) and twitter (@afrilove).

Have a great week everybody, be proud and be inspired!

Lulu x


Image copyright Mutua Matheka

New year, new mission, same big picture


"2010 is all about doing and discovering." I am happy to say that this mantra worked better than any resolution I could have fooled myself into making. Vague enough to reduce the possibilities of failure and inspiring enough to pull me out of bed especially on dark, cold winter mornings. I started last year with an optimism and energy that propelled me through the tougher days. I did, a lot, and I learned a hell of a lot about myself, life, business and more.

It was exhausting!

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Week in review & bringing in the newness

New year, new perspective, new choices, new approaches and renewed energy.

I'll be making some changes to the format of regular posts such as the "Week in review," as well as introducing new regular features such as the natural hair journey updates and Afri-love spotted on Etsy.

I'll also be focusing more on action: developing spaces and opportunities for people to give tangible form to the Afri-love spirit. Stay tuned for more…

For today, here is a quick recap of what went on last week:


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Happy new year everybody. Have a great week, be proud and be inspired!

Lulu x


Image above: Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek, photo via Refinery 29 – check out the link for more beautiful pictures from the shoot;


Doodle for Kenya!

Doodle for Google Kenya

Kenya serves as the sub-Saharan headquaters for Google and has about 5 million internet users at the time of this production. However despite Google's calls for localisation, they have not instantiated a localised doodle for (The closest they got was this)."

Kenya will be celebrating Jamhuri Day this weekend and it's a perfect opportunity for a doodle to commemorate the nation's independence.

So, what can you do?


Doodle by Chief Nyamweya