Soulful Branding: FAQs

Soulful Branding FAQs

Perhaps your heart is giving you signs that the Soulful Branding course might be good for you and your business.

What you’ve heard or read so far is resonating but, you’re anxious about taking the step to open up to the process.

Perhaps you feel you’re too busy right now.

You’re working away without the clarity and focus that this course will help you discover. You’re busy working IN your business, not ON your business.

Perhaps you want to prioritise other investments.

If any of them have to do with marketing and communications, or even with hiring, I know from experience that you’ll end up wasting money in the long run, if you haven’t gotten clear on your brand.
Below are some frequently asked questions to help you make the important decision about whether now is the time to level up.

What tangible outputs will I have at the end of the course?

The objective of this course is to give you clarity and confidence about:

  • Your voice
  • What you want to be known for
  • Your ideal client/customer and how to engage them effectively
  • Your market landscape and opportunities to stand out, as well as opportunities for mutually-beneficial collaboration with your peers

So you’ll end up with:

  1. A clear vision of where you want to go with your business (and how that ties into your life)
  2. Tools to assess whether your products/services and communications are on-brand. This can be additionally useful if you work with others.
  3. Tools enabling you to create good, appropriate and effective design, copy and communications materials
  4. Tools enabling you to save time and money when commissioning design, copy and communications materials
  5. A detailed profile of your ideal client/customer
  6. An analysis of your key peers
  7. A clear USP (unique selling point)
  8. Decisions on your priority touchpoints (communications channels and materials), based on an understanding of your ideal audience.
  9. A solid action plan to implement all the insights, discoveries and ideas that come to you through the Soulful Branding process.
You will NOT directly work on visual design during this course. In my definition, branding is more than just your logo or visual identity. Ultimately, it’s how you present your business (and in the case of personal branding, yourself) to the world. This starts with the clarity you will gain through the process of this course.

Is it relevant if I’ve been in business for a while?

I believe it’s very important to constantly review our branding. Our businesses are alive –  they communicate, they serve, they respond to feedback and they evolve. And we change too! What felt right 2 years ago may no longer serve us or our clients/customers.

You will have lifetime access to this course, so that you can come back to review your branding, time and time again.

Hear it from Ann and Nepurko who came to the course either with an established business or with a wealth of professional experience in branding:

“A highly interesting and insightful challenge, which I will apply time and time again, just to stay fresh, curious and in evolution.”

— Ann McCreath, Founder KikoRomeo and FAFA, Kenya

“The Soulful Branding course is a great refresher on branding in a wholesome and clear way.”

— Nepurko

Is it relevant if I’m just starting out in business?

Absolutely! Unlike many of us who learned things the difficult way, you’re in a unique position to do things properly from the beginning.

How much time will I need to work on the course?

The course covers 5 modules over the course of 5 weeks. Each module includes some reading material, as well as some exercises. There is also a live online class each week to go deeper into the module’s content and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

I recommend that you set aside at least 2 hours each week – one for the live class and one to read and work on the exercises.

Oftentimes, people choose to spend more than 2 hours, because they get into the zone with all the reflective and creative work you’ll be guided through.

What if I can’t make the live online classes?

The classes will be recorded so that you can watch the replays at a time that is convenient to you. You’ll know all the dates ahead of time, so that you can schedule them, and also so that you can send me your questions ahead of time, in the event that you can’t make it live.

Many students find that the interactive nature of these classes really add to their learning. 

Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

Being a part of the private online community is optional but many students have found it a valuable part of their experience. It’s a safe place to show your work and get constructive feedback on your ideas. It’s also inspiring to read about other people’s experiences.

Can I join the course anytime?

**2020 UPDATE**: we will not be running the course as usual this year. If you’re interested in going through the Soulful Branding process, please get in touch via studio [AT] lulukitololo [DOT] com and we’ll share options with you.