Soulful Branding: What’s in the course

Below is some of the impact our Soulful Branding online course has had:

“It exceeded my expectations as it prompted me to think through things from different angles and with insightful questions.”

“It got me thinking about the whole picture in an organised way.”

“The most useful thing for me was I learned how to go about the process of branding and I feel it will stay with me.”

“It was so ALIVE, so fun and unlocked ideas I didn’t expect.”

“I would recommend it, especially to those who want to create a business with their heart.”

Here’s what’s covered in the course, including some brand new content …

Module 1: Discover the power of tapping into emotion in business

  • Learn how brands can inspire loyalty beyond reason
  • Create a big picture vision for your business
  • Distil what it is you actually offer your clients/customers
  • Determine whether you’re branding and marketing is currently aligned with this and identify where there is room for improvement

Module 2: Get clear about what you want to be known for

  • Learn 5 steps to find your voice
  • Create a visual representation of your voice that can be used as a reference point for you, your team and anybody you commission creative or communications work from.
  • Learn how to create a visual identity – and brand toolkit in general – that is aligned with your brand’s voice
  • Create other fun expressions to really nail your brand’s culture

Module 3: Get clear on who’s ready for what you have to give

  • Create a vivid profile of your ideal client/customer
  • Learn where to find your ideal clients/customers and how to approach them
  • Discover the luxury of being focused: learn how to prioritise your marketing activities and save time
  • Identify opportunities for mutually-beneficial collaborations that will help you reach more of your ideal clients/customers
  • Create a visual representation of your ideal client/customer that can be used as a reference point for you, your team and anybody you commission creative or communications work from.

Module 4: Build your confidence about why you’re the perfect match for your audience

  • Explore your market landscape to understand how best to position yourself
  • Discover why price is irrelevant when you’re talking to the right people
  • Identify your peers and identify mutually-beneficial opportunities you can explore with them
  • Come up with new ideas for products and services
  • Get over the fear of competition

Module 5: Create a workable action plan to implement what you’ve learned

  • Review and refine your brand’s positioning
  • Identify next steps for creating/improving your branding and communications
  • Come up with innovative ideas for delivering value to your audience
  • Create a solid plan for moving forward

“I came to realise it’s a simpler process than I imagined, even though it’s not an easy one. It involves a lot of looking inwards to figure out the way forward.”

Worksheets and checklists

There are several PDF downloads accompanying the modules, to help you explore, reflect and strategise.

“Made me think about things I would not have thought of. And really challenged me!”

5 weeks of live lessons and Q&A time

During the course you are invited to a weekly, real-time online lesson led by me, with the opportunity to have your questions answered.

Fun ways to tune into your creativity

You’ll learn how to use Pinterest and Instagram as tools towards this end.

“Pinterest is a lovely way to tune into creativity.”

“I had not used Pinterest in this capacity before. I’m now finding that it’s a superb tool for planning.”

Daily inspiration and ideas

You will receive an email during every day of the course, that will include prompts and additional tips and inspiration.

“Being overwhelmed with emails – yours were the ones I was looking forward to in the morning.”

A community of like-minded people to journey with

The course has a dedicated private Facebook group so that you can support each other on this Soulful Branding journey.

“It was great to share experiences with one another and bounce off ideas”

“I’m surprised at how much I’ve gained from this challenge.”

“I’m still using all of it.”

“It actually triggered me into a very creative process that can’t be stopped”