Creative channels of choice

Creative channels of choice

I love technology, I love the internet and I especially love social media. Not only did it likely bring you and I together but, it’s also helped me to connect with so many other people and ideas that have shaped my brand, my business and my life. 

Instagram and Pinterest are two social media channels that I’ll mention a few times during the course. In our Soulful Branding context, these are great tools for helping to tune into our creativity and organise our thinking. That’s right! I’m giving you permission to spend extensive periods on Instagram and Pinterest ;).

But seriously, there is much to be gained from these platforms, when you use them with intention.


Here’s a post I wrote several years ago, about ways to use Pinterest as a creative tool.


I started properly using Instagram much much later and, I say this without flinching: it’s changed my life! Not only professionally but, personally too (I’ve connected with several amazing, like-minded people). 

Instagram has since become my go-to place for daily inspiration. The convenience of it certainly helps as, I can easily browse and engage with people while on the go or, if I have a few minutes to spare here and there. 

This experience is yours

Please note that use of these social platforms are not mandatory for taking this course. Do remember that you can use them privately, for your eyes only, if public sharing is a deterrent for you. During the course, I’ll share some more specific ways that you can use them to help make your branding sing :).

In the meantime, I welcome you to browse my Pinterest page for some visual eye-candy and to say hello over on Instagram