Blog-love: That African Girl


If you haven't already, check out Makafui's blog about learning to live between two worlds (something I'm sure several people can relate to, in one way or another!), That African Girl.

She has a great series called "Behind the words", where she interviews bloggers. I'm very honoured to be the latest subject in the series – check out the post out here. Thanks Makafui!

The world I choose – a Think Act Vote Futures Interview


Think Act Vote (?!X) is my kind of initiative. Using creativity and culture, the think-tank explores and expresses issues of sustainability, citizenship, politics and essentially, change. Most importantly, they remind us that change is in our own hands. We have agency – to dream and to take action towards making those dreams come true. 

Recently, Think Act Vote asked me to contribute to their Futures Interview series and share my dream of the future. This is it

What's the future you choose? Share it with Think Act Vote here and check out the many inspiring visions.

Part I of the Independence Day round-up: July

During this blog's first year, I endeavored to celebrate the independence days of African countries through creating a dedicated post (you can browse them via this link). I'm not doing that this year but, as several of those celebrations take place in July and August, I thought I'd do a round-up of highlights. I hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for part 2 – August celebrations – next week.


Ghana – 1st July


Something for the pundits and technology geeks, something for the music-lovers and something for the fashionistas:
5 Reasons why Ghana is the next African App Powerhouse
Interview with lyrical genius M3NSA
Interview with Fashion Designer Naana B

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Art school confidential on the Kesha Bruce studio blog


Artist and creative consultant Kesha Bruce (who made an appearance on Afri-love not too long ago) asked me to share my thoughts on and experiences of art school with her, in Art School Confidential

Did you go to art school? What was your experience like? Are you considering going to art school? What are you hoping to get out of the experience? Share your responses over at Kesha's.

Interview with multi-dimensional creative and champion of the “other” story, Afrolicious


I discovered shrine to all things brown and beautiful, Afrolicious, about 2 years ago and I've been crossing paths with the woman behind the screen name, Ann Daramola, ever since! We've collaborated across continents and oceans – working with Epic Change to create To Mama with Love and most recently, Asilia worked with Ann to design the logo for her accessory line, Ankara & Lace. One thing I absolutely love about following Ann on Twitter is the boundless energy, passion and positivity she exudes. This is one lady you need to follow/exchange with/know.

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In our own hands: an interview with Kesha Bruce for the 6×6 Summer Blog Tour

Keshabruce_I'll fly away

My exploration of Afri-love has tended to centre around creativity and the creative professions. Mainly because it's what I do and what I love but, also because of a strong belief that creativity is a powerful way of inspiring and creating positive change. I've also been going on and on (and you may be sick of it by now) about how everything starts with the self. Any change we can hope to encourage on a large scale is likely to be futile if we haven't also considered how to implement it for ourselves.

Enter artists and Baang+Burne directors, Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso, and their 6×6 project: their answer to the question “what if there were no more art galleries?” For 6 weeks starting in September this year, artists in New York City will take matters into their own hands and put on exhibitions to showcase their work. What an inspiring concept! What amazing potential such an idea could have in an African context, where the necessary infrastructure for a viable career as an artist is even more scarce …

I thought I'd get more wisdom from the source – the wonderful Kesha Bruce.

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Interview with fashion designer, Adèle Dejak



While in Kenya last April, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet fashion designer Adèle Dejak, who'd I'd posted about earlier in the year. I continue to be impressed by Adèle's productivity, perfectionism and professionalism. All of these attributes are evident in the high quality of her prolific collection of work. She gave me a tour of her workshop and showroom in Kiambu and sat down with me to talk about her story and her inspiration.

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12 months, 12 posts you loved

I know I have a penchant for lists and if ever I needed an excuse to create one, surely today is the day. Tomorrow marks one year of Afri-love and as I reflect on all the people that I've come across and had the opportunity to meet (if even just virtually), I want to share with you the most popular posts. It so happens that indeed, most of them are interviews with some of these people. I am honoured to be a part of this army of creatives and change-makers and I look forward to meeting and collaborating with more of you.


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How does Africa inspire you? My 10 favourite interview responses to date

Over the last year, I've had the privilege to interview 21 passionate, talented and inspiring people whose vision and work embodies the Afri-love spirit. All of them reminded me of the value in doing what you love. I hope that they've given you encouragement, opened your eyes to new possibilities and that you've discovered new music, art and ideas in the process. My favourite question to ask is, "how does Africa inspire you?" It was a difficult decision but here are 10 of my favourite responses.


"Africa is who I am and it's Africa that raised me – the rest of the world just barely touched me. So everything that flows out of me is Africa – whether its basic components look or do not look overtly or stereotypically African." 

— The Design Director of Ihsani Culture, Kenya-based

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Interview with lyrical genius M3nsa (plus CD giveaway)


I first saw M3NSA perform at a spoken word event in North London, several years ago, and thought this guy is good. Today, I can't get No.1 Mango Street off repeat (no exaggeration, ask my partner)! It's funny, it's funky, it's soulful, it's clever. An eclectic melting pot of Hip-hop, Afro beat, High-Life and soul, the album is an excellent showcase of African ingenuity and, reminds me just why I'm so happy to hail from our colourful continent. I am excited to share with you this interview the Mobo-nominated MC, producer and actor.* 

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