#justformechallenge: how to enjoy 28 days of me-time this February

In August 2017, 7 weeks after my son was born, time for self-care – actually, time for anything, other than looking after Leko – seemed like the biggest luxury in the world.  So I gave myself a challenge: commit to doing something for myself, every day of the coming month. Doing things with a community of like-minded people is … Continue reading “#justformechallenge: how to enjoy 28 days of me-time this February”

#justformechallenge: how a month of daily self-care went down

Thursday marked the end of the #justformechallenge: a month of consciously creating me-time, every single day. My #justformechallenge results I succeeded in doing something, just for myself, for 30 out of the 31 days. On many occasions I felt like giving up – wanting to just skip the day. Often this happened when it got late, … Continue reading “#justformechallenge: how a month of daily self-care went down”

#justformechallenge: let’s make August all about me-time

A few months ago, I asked a question about me-time in the Afri-love Women group: “what do you do just for fun?” It seemed like it should be such an easy question but, I myself struggled to answer it. See, there are things I love to do that I do out of necessity, such as … Continue reading “#justformechallenge: let’s make August all about me-time”

Multi-passionate problems + a journey to less but better

Multi-passionate problems Last year, my mentor gave me a real good dose of tough love. You know, the kind that you KNOW you need to hear but, you’re a crying mess nonetheless! What brought this about? As a person with so many interests, it’s hard for me to focus on just a few. Professionally, I … Continue reading “Multi-passionate problems + a journey to less but better”

On self-love + self-care: resources + goodies

Our year of celebration continues and this month, our theme is self-love. Afri-love was founded on the principle of self-love. The idea being that when we love ourselves – as we are – we can then create positive transformation, for ourselves, for our communities and for the world at large. This was my wish for myself … Continue reading “On self-love + self-care: resources + goodies”

Afri-love is 10

Afri-love celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this year, 2020. We’ve got a number of things in-store for you and here is where the updates will live. If you haven’t joined our mailing list yet, do so here for additional specials, tools and treats! January Theme: EXCELLENCE Events: WEDS 8th | Nairobi: Afri-love Connection Club Vision boarding … Continue reading “Afri-love is 10”

Me-time: 9 tips to enjoy more of it this year

Me-time can seem so elusive.  We are often last on our own lists but, this is the year it’s going to change, right? I’m writing this after the third Afri-love Connection Club vision-boarding and goal-setting workshop I’ve run this year. Pretty much every single one of the 32 women who participated had space dedicated to … Continue reading “Me-time: 9 tips to enjoy more of it this year”

The power of finding your voice: my Soulful Branding story

It took me a while to appreciate the power and necessity of finding my voice.  You know what it’s like to be excited but frustrated at the same time? When you’re full of ideas for your brand and business but, you hit a roadblock because you’re unable to properly express them and live them? My … Continue reading “The power of finding your voice: my Soulful Branding story”