3 ways to keep business going when life gets tough

Resilience: 3 ways to keep business going when life gets tough

Resilience can often feel like an abstract concept. Well, I have to be honest… the past five months have been really TOUGH!

Perhaps the toughest time I’ve ever experienced in my life. I unexpectedly lost two loved ones, including my brother with whom I was very close. My son-shine was diagnosed with Autism which has brought about a lot of learning how to adjust our life to better support him to thrive. I caught COVID during the rapid Omicron phase that took over Nairobi last December. While it was thankfully relatively mild, the weeks of fatigue afterward was real! And then my fiancé suddenly developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome – a rare autoimmune disorder that rendered him immobile overnight…

This is what resilience can look like…

It’s been quite a rough start to the year. However, I feel like all the self-development work I’ve been doing over the past two decades has been preparing me for this. Because truly, I don’t think I’d have been able to even show up to share this, were it not for three things:

Getting organized 

I have a clear sense of direction and no more than three major goals to accomplish by a certain time. This gives me the confidence to trust in what’s most important to focus on. Having a system in place to review these regularly helps keep me in check. Our new full-year planner has been an amazing tool for this!

Prioritising Wellness  

I have established supportive rituals to manage my energy and to stay sane and centered. I also have an incredible support system – in my personal life (family, friends, therapy) as well as in my professional life. My team has been amazing and I’m extra thankful for all the systems we’ve implemented to help the business run. It’s been a relief to know that things are being taken care of, even when I’ve been unable to work. Which, as you can imagine, has been a lot of the time!

Working with purpose  

I have clarity on why I do what I do, which has given me the motivation to get things done when everything else around me feels like it’s falling apart. It’s allowed me to exercise one of my weaker muscles: saying “no.” It’s easier because I have a whole new perspective on what’s most important and on the value of time.

You can create this for yourself and your business too!

I’ve learned, practiced, and created systems and rituals for these three things. They’ve really come in handy during this trying time in my life! I’ve come to appreciate just how integral they are to creating the kind of resilience that enables you to shine as a business owner. Like I’ve suggested before, personal growth is a prerequisite for business growth. That’s why these ‘tools’ are built into the SHINE programme! 

Strength and flexibility is also built from being in community

Everybody is different and that’s what makes life so much fun! The interactive nature of the SHINE workshop series welcomes this diversity. We get to learn from and inspire each other, as we evaluate and create supportive rituals and systems to build profitable, sustainable, and joyful businesses.

I’m honoured to be there as your guide. I share frameworks, templates and my experience, in order for you to design what will work for you!

That being said, why don’t you experience this for yourself, inside SHINE.

Photography by June July

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