Our 9 good things from 2021

Lulu Kitololo Studio

If you’re already part of our mailing list fam, you’ll know all about ‘9 Good Things’. We love curating the series every month and we’re so happy with all the positive feedback we receive! This month, we’re doing things a little bit differently: we’re reflecting and sharing 9 good things from 2021. Thus, we thought this round-up deserved to live on our blog too. Enjoy!

1. Our New Home!

Lulu Kitololo Studio

Our greatest accomplishment in 2021 was opening the very first Lulu Kitololo Studio brick-and-mortar shop and studio! We’re so happy to have taken this big leap in uncertain times. It led to us exponentially growing our income from product sales. Plus it’s a space that brings the team so much joy – the beautiful light and the good vibes that visitors bring in, as well as a place for us to get together in real life and continue creating wonderful products for you.

Come visit us, in the same compound as Pallet Cafe in Lavington, Nairobi, and get your year started with our unique and vibrant range of planners, calendars and more!

2. Drawing And Learning

Global south women's forum

The last few months of the year saw us graphic recording several interesting events for clients including the African Union, DW Akademie, International Women’s Rights Watch Asia-Pacific, UN Habitat, UNIDO, Urgent Action Fund and more! It was a great opportunity to be able to listen in on inspiring inter-generational forums; to learn so much about topics that matter to us – including human rights, our environment and social justice; and to contribute our skills to advocacy for positive change.

3. Illustrating Icons

UN Champions of the Earth Mia Motley

Lending our colourful, playful illustration style to honouring influential and inspirational women was one of last year’s highlights. We created portraits for the Facebook publication LeadHERS: Life Lessons from African Women and for the 2022 Champions of the Earth award– the United Nation’s highest environmental honour.

4. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

Team work

Despite the highs of 2021, there were also some challenging times… Catching COVID, losing loved ones, and the general grief of the prolonged pandemic and the strain it put on our mental wellness in particular. In these trying moments we saw true teamwork in action – people stepping up to cover for each other and share the load so that we could still deliver to our clients and customers. We didn’t always manage to do that on time and for that, we thank all of you for your patience and grace.

5. Team Photoshoot

Team LKS

We had a lot of fun preparing for and participating in our first team photoshoot. Our location was the beautiful Kuzi showroom, surrounded by lots and lots of beautiful plants. Photographed by the talented June July and expertly produced by our very own team member, Stanley (with Faith as his assistant). 

6. Fun Collabos


We worked on a lot of collaborative projects last year. From designing patterns for Zuri dresses to working with Tira Studio on embellished designs for their wooden furniture and accessories. Of course we can’t forget the long-term creative partnerships we have with Organic Farmers Market and Grounded. Stay tuned to see more products from those collabos unfolding this year! We’re thankful for the trust these brands we love put in us and we look forward to sharing more exciting co-creations with you this year. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates.

[Image: the women who made the Zuri dresses modeling their work!]

7. An Engaged Community


You all really know how to come through for us! When we were running our pay-it-forward campaign to support #morewomencreativesinbiz and when we were hiring for our upcoming SHINE programme for creative businesses, you helped us spread the word, you nominated people, you voted and you rallied for us. We’re super grateful that you’re part of our world and we look forward to connecting with you more this year. Our monthly newsletter is a great way of interacting with our customers, friends and supporters. If you don’t want to miss out on all the fun, you can always join the community right here.

PS There’s still time to spread the word about our SHINE scholarship. The application deadline is Monday 24th January, 2022.

8. Uniting Organisation Nerds!


We are self-confessed planning and organisation geeks so it was a thrill to connect with our kin! We added a series of different stationery-based organisation tools to our collection last year, including monthly planner pads, weekly planner pads, and a  full-year planner. We’ve really been enjoying hearing how you’re using these, as well as our limitless calendars and our best-selling Creative Confidence Planner.
What’s missing in your organisation arsenal? What would you like to see us make in 2022? We’d love to hear your suggestions! Leave a comment below/hit reply and let us know.                                                                                  

9. Clients We Love

Purposeful Illustration by Lulu Kitololo

Once again, we got to work with a variety of amazing world-changing organisations and individuals this past year. From DW Akademie and partners championing media freedom across Africa to Mzima Beach creating a soulful sanctuary for rejuvenation. Special mention as well to organisations advocating for marginal voices to be heard, front and center – girls (Purposeful: With And For Girls); refugee youth voices (World University Service of Canada, WUSC); and incarcerated women (Women Beyond Walls), just to highlight a few.


We look forward to what 2022 brings and we thank you for being a part of our journey!

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