Planning: make it a pleasure and nail those goals

Planning: make it a pleasure

In the past few months, I’ve been truly embracing my love for planning and organisation and creating tools to help others find more pleasure in it too. 

Naturally, I want to write more about it too!

Being a single mum, business owner and a passionate, ambitious person, means that time always seems to be in such short supply. I have to be very intentional about my schedule and that means lots of planning.

Long ago, a psychologist friend made a comment I always remember: about how having structure actually allows for more spontaneity. I think perhaps what it truly allows for is spontaneity without anxiety or guilt and, I’m here for that!

I’m always experimenting with my planning, in the quest to make more time for more of the things I truly love. In this season, that includes taking care of myself, spending time with loved ones and spending most of my work time working in my strengths. 

The life-changing magic of mental tidying, aka planning

Several years ago, I read Marie Kondo’s famous book and it did change my life! There are some key principles from it that I’ll never forget that feel especially relevant right now.

When decluttering, get every single item out and in front of you. 

Same applies for organisation of the intangible kind – get everything out of your head and visible in front of you. I love to braindump on paper as something about the tactile nature of this is very satisfying to me. 

This also allows you to do a couple of things:


When you have all the actions in front of you, it’s easier to assess what’s most important. Which task, if completed, will have the biggest impact on where you want to go? What can you delegate? Which tasks can you let go of?

Break things down into their smallest actionable chunks

Having everything in front of you allows you to then interrogate your tasks. Are they vague and thus daunting or are they specific and actually actionable!

It’s the difference between “write a blog post” and “step one: refer to my blog post ideas list and select one for this week.” Which one is likely to get actioned faster? 

Planning: make it a pleasure

Lately, I’ve been noting down my chunks on the weekly planner download I created for my mailing list fam (grab it here). From there, I assign the chunks to specific days, in my Creative Confidence Planner. That is then my go-to daily place for staying organised.

There are of course levels to this so, for the advanced planners, I created a monthly planner pad that helps you break down your annual goals, and a weekly planner pad if you prefer to view your whole week in one glance. 

Keep only that which sparks joy

A recommendation I’ve had many a debate about! I get it – it’s scary! And unfortunately, we’re conditioned to believe that we have to struggle and have things to moan about. But what if you rejected those beliefs? What if you did that through actually making different choices? 

I’ve been challenging myself to follow this principle with even the most mundane of possessions – think dish sponges and socks! And it truly elevates the experience of living. 

What if we applied this to our to-do list too?

What if we delegated and outsourced those tasks that don’t bring us joy to somebody who truly enjoys them? Somebody like that does exist, thanks to the diversity of creation. There is somebody out there who genuinely LOVES those tasks you dread and hate. 

Of course there might be all kinds of constraints that your resistance is bringing up but, i challenge you to interrogate them. 

This is something I’ve had to do often. For instance: hiring somebody to help you costs money and so it can feel risky. On the flip side: freeing up more of your time to focus on your unique genius, unlocks more abundance than before!

This has certainly been my experience, with every single hire. But it still hasn’t become less scary (I’m working on those mental blocks!)

Here for more!

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