6 tips for creating consistent content and loving the process


Last week was the last week I can remember NOT sending out my weekly email. Why? Because I didn’t follow all of the advice I’m sharing with you in this post! 

Don’t be me (but do give yourself grace because, we can’t be perfect all of the time ;)).

Adventures with consistency

I made this commitment to create consistent email content, over 3 years ago, just before my son was born. 

Naturally, I wanted to take time off when he arrived. Being that I run my own creative studio, where I deliver a lot of the work, I knew business would be slow as a result. However, I wanted to keep the pipeline of work healthy, for when I was ready to return. I decided sending out a weekly email to my list was one way I could do that. 

Thus, my weekly email was born. At the start of 2020, I decided to be serious about creating a weekly blog post (which would be the main thing I include in my email, so as to be efficient with my content creation time and also, to help people discover the new content on my blog).

In the past, I’ve created consistent daily content for my blog (many years ago when it was still a baby). That 6 months period was really useful for finding my voice and it resulted in a lot of opportunities – speaking engagements, being invited to lead workshops, media coverage and attracting dream projects!

Earlier this year, I did an Instagram experiment where I was consistently posting 6 days a week and that also yielded amazing results growing my audience and my bottom line (get my tips here).

It’s clear: creating consistent content is key to building your audience and growing your business.

As a creative, you’re at an advantage

I may be biased here but, your work is actually interesting to people outside your industry! You have an upper hand. Think about it – you can create content around:

  • Your products/projects
  • Your process
  • Your inspiration
  • The subject matter of your work
  • The values behind your work
  • The user experience or the results of what you create
  • Teaching others your process
  • And more!

But I digress, this post is not about what content you can create (more on that later, don’t miss it!). This is about creating consistent content.

6 tips for creating consistent content

1. Be clear about why creating consistent content is important to you

Think of your content as conversations with your ideal customers. A way to show them that you see them – you understand who they are, their aspirations and their struggles. An introduction to how you can help them/add value to their lives. And not to forget, an opportunity to show them why you are the best person for the job.

Content helps you build rapport, letting your ideal customer get to know, like and trust you – thus priming them to buy from you.

These are the benefits of content marketing but, you’ve got to connect with why this effort is important for you and your business. 

Get super clear on your end-game, your goals. Then think about how creating content can connect the dots for you?

If you haven’t yet done so, it’s crucial to first check in with your purpose and to set those goals properly and create systems to work on them (here’s how).

2. Have a strategy for how content creation gets you to that end-game

Once you’re clear on how content creation can help you succeed, it’s easier to give this work the priority it deserves.  

But content for content’s sake is noise. Your content needs to be strategic to be effective. It needs to speak to what your audience wants, as opposed to what you feel like.

Consider how your content can serve your ideal customer – how it can educate, delight, affirm and so on – and mix up these objectives.

If you don’t know me, I’m the structure queen and I love to help others embrace the freedom that frameworks bring. So determine your themes and work out what content strategies you can employ.

3. Plan ahead

You want to do as much as possible in advance, to accommodate for the fact that, despite our best intentions, our motivation is not constant (especially if you’re a woman) and life happens (if you’re a human being).

At a minimum, you want to plan your ideas ahead of time. If you’re publishing a new piece of substantial content (e.g. a blog, email, podcast, video etc.) weekly – which is what I recommend – try and plan the next month or 3, ahead of time.

It’s easier than it might sound (I’ve been known to outline content for a year!) 

4. Batch

Ideally, you’ll have not only planned your content in advance but have created it early too!

Enter the concept of batchwork which, you can introduce to other activities in your work and life, not just content creation!

In short, it involves chunking like-tasks together, to work smarter and with more focus.

Jenna Kutcher explains the how in more detail here.

5. Get some accountability

There are few things more powerful than publicly announcing your consistent content creation commitment! 

This was certainly the case for me, when I started my #plantsomethingdaily challenge, in 2015. On the days where I didn’t have the desire or energy to make and post my piece of art, I mustered it up somehow because I’d set up an expectation with my audience.

It may seem like nobody’s actually keeping tabs – and they most likely aren’t – but I have received emails and messages in the past, for example when my email is a day late.

You could designate a friend to be your accountability partner or join a community of like-minded people to hold you to your goals. 

In my SHINE membership we have monthly co-working sessions for the purpose of having accountability to work on our businesses not just in them (i.e. to do the work that actually moves us forward towards the success we say we want, not just the work that keeps the light on).

6. Fall in love with content creation

This last tip is key for consistently producing great content. When you enjoy the process of creating something, the people who get to experience it can feel that joy. The love and high vibrations are transferred. 

I absolutely love content creation. It helps me establish meaningful relationships with people and it helps me make an impact: affirming, serving and delighting my audience. 

It’s my mission to help other creatives find a way to love it too.

This affair begins with figuring out your thing – your way, your style. When you get clear and confident about your unique brand and get intimate with your ideal customer/client, the rest is easy. 

If you need help with uncovering your soulful brand, growing your tribe and making the impact you desire (for your audience and for yourself), join us in SHINE! Sign up here.

What’s helped you get consistent with your content creation?

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