3 creative paths to a richer life

3 creative paths to a richer life

3 creative paths to a richer life

I remember a conversation I had, way over a decade ago, with a couple of friends who were a few years older than me. They spoke about how 26 was the point at which both of them decided to get free! They left jobs, careers and lives, that fit the expectations of others, to pursue what was in their hearts.

Last week, a member of my team asked me about the biggest risk I’d ever taken. Leaving my job without a solid plan, while living in a foreign country, was definitely one of them. I did that at 26. 

What’s in a number? I got curious and found this:

“Angel Number 26 is a message from your angels that your material and earthly needs will always be met, so have faith and trust that the Universe will always provide. Follow your Divine inner-guidance and allow it to prompt you to take positive action in your life.” [Source, emphasis mine]

12 years later, I have no regrets. There have been challenges and many, many lessons learned and I appreciate who I am today, as a result of them.

And the journey is constant. With every positive action, I’ve been inspired to take another – getting closer and closer to being the person I need to be, in order to live the life I desire.

As I approach my 38th birthday this weekend, I’m so grateful for all the growth I’ve experienced. The past year has especially been a period of stretching and this season – i.e. since COVID-19 became part of our lives – has seen a lot of things coalesce. 

I’ve come to appreciate like never before, the power of: 

  • Mindset
  • Devotion to oneself (thanks Tara Jackson for suggesting this word over “discipline”)
  • Making space to just sit with yourself and truly listen
  • Following your joy and your pleasure

Many of us grow up believing that these things are luxuries, indulgences or that they’re not truly important.

I now know they are the foundations of a holistically healthy and abundant life.

It’s taken me throwing away so-called security; figuring things out as I go; making mistakes I’m still paying for, years later; and discounting myself – to fully appreciate this as true.

In this way, my personal development journey has been inextricably linked to the journey of my creative practice and my creative business. 

Creativity as the way

My relationship to creative production has never been straightforward (read why I became a creative professional). 

I fully appreciate now that, for me, creativity is a tool rather than an end in itself. 

And that it can be the same for absolutely everyone, regardless of whether or not you can draw a straight line! (I’ve actually never understood what drawing straight lines has to do with creativity but, people often like to discount themselves by proclaiming this). 

A tool for self-discovery; a tool for self-acceptance (and self-love!); a tool for self-mastery (whether or not that mastery has to do with anything explicitly creative); a tool for self-leadership; which all lead to living a richer life and welcoming all kinds of abundance into it.

Choose your own adventure

How can you embrace creativity for a richer life, no matter whether or not you consider yourself a creative person?

Creative living

Establish a creative self-care practice. Not only can this do wonders for your wellness, it can help you battle limiting behaviours like perfectionism, grow your confidence and lead to new opportunities in your life and career. Read more about these benefits here and then, get some tips on how to begin.

An easy additional tip: surround yourself with creativity. Put extra consideration to the objects that inhabit your space, especially at home. Select each of them with a thought to how they make you feel. Do you love them? Do they bring you joy? Joy should be our ultimate filter for everything!

Creative practice

Here I’m talking about deliberate practice. Consistent action with a view to refining a craft and developing your voice

If you’re visually-inclined, you can join my #plantsomethingweekly challenge. I send a new prompt every week, for you to create a piece of plant-inspired art. The medium is up to you. You could draw, paint, photograph, cook etc.! Here are some of the eclectic pieces participants have created so far. Join by signing up here.

If a visual creative practice is not your thing, and you’re not sure what is, here are some tips for discovering what is.

Creative business

As I shared, my business journey has been instrumental in my growth as a person. Yes, mine happens to be a textbook creative business but, ultimately, starting a business is a creative endeavour, regardless of the industry.

Creativity is a necessary quality of entrepreneurship. Harnessing it, feeding it and growing it, will only make your business better.

Creativity is expressed in the way you do things. That’s why, I always strive to make the learning experiences I produce – such as the SHINE program – fun! To incorporate unorthodox ways of looking at and working on things.

Creativity sparks creativity.

How can you take this thought into your business? On a strategic level but also on a day-to-day basis? I’ll be sharing some recommendations so stay tuned.

Next steps to your richer life

Going forward, it’s my mission to delve deeper into these 3 paths. I’ll be sharing inspiration, learning and tools with you, so you can embrace the life-changing benefits they can bring and journey towards your freest, most joyful, richer life.

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