Want to monetise your creativity? Do this first


Monetising your creativity is a struggle I understand well! You love to create, you suspect – or even already know – you can serve people with your creativity but, you don’t know how to make it make economic sense.

You dream of making a living from your creativity but, you don’t know where to start

Or perhaps, you’ve already taken the leap. You’re doing creative work and serving people but, the numbers aren’t adding up. You’re making money but it’s not enough to sustain the way you want to live. You’re getting discouraged, you’re working all sorts of crazy hours and perhaps, you’re even losing the love you once had for your craft. 

The mistake I made

Losing the love for my creative work has happened to me. At least twice in fact!

The first time was very early on in my career. I had graduated from art school and landed a job in an advertising agency. At first it was fun – my first “proper” job, as a grown up in the “real world”, with a real word paycheck. 

However, I was soon disillusioned by the content of the work, by the bureaucratic nature of the corporation and the lack of freedom to fully express my creativity. I started to wonder if I’d made the wrong decision with this creative profession thing. A series of events led me to go back to school and pursue a different direction altogether.

As fate would have it, I found myself back in a creative job and went on to establish my own creative practice and later, business. Then, it happened again – the frustration of not fully expressing my creativity and the disillusionment of not feeling aligned with the content of the work. 

It was not a sustainable situation for monetising my creativity. See, monetising your creativity requires vision and the stamina to take persistent action, to bring that vision to life. I wasn’t clear on my vision and thus, my stamina only went but so far.

I hadn’t yet done the crucial work of finding or checking in with my purpose and ensuring that my choices – in terms of employment and later what my business looked like – were aligned.

Monetising your creativity in a sustainable way 

Hearing from many other creatives, a lot of us want freedom regarding what and how we want to create. This freedom is often not only for our own satisfaction but, so we can add more value to others and make an impact. 

We need money to support the lifestyle, that will give us the time, space and wellbeing to do this. Money to let us align our actions with what’s truly in our hearts. After all, we serve others better when we do it with love. 

Checking in with your purpose is the most important step before embarking on monetising your creativity (or any business idea for that matter).

Why is it so important to check in with your purpose?

There’s all the feel-good stuff which, we should never neglect the importance of! You know, things like connecting with your inspiration and your passion.  

Above all this, checking in with your purpose leads to the following money-making results:

Better decision-making

I know you likely identify with being multi-passionate. There are so many things you want to do and you’re easily distracted by shiny new opportunities.

Trying to pursue several of them will not help you monetise your creativity. You’ll spread yourself too thin and lose the focus necessary to turn your ideas into a sustainable income. 

Checking in with your purpose can act as a filter for new ideas and opportunities, helping you make the decisions that are in alignment with your goals. It will help you decide which income streams to prioritise in that moment.

Shaping your brand

Checking in with your purpose will help you to establish a niche and really define your target audience. You’ll know precisely who needs/wants what you can offer and getting this specific will allow you to focus your efforts even more. 

You’ll be clear about what you stand for and this will inform how you do business. From what your systems look like, to the culture you create; from how you talk about your business to how you express it visually and the customer experiences you create.  

All of this will help your ideal customer make a decision whether, or not, to buy what you’re offering.

Growing your audience

Checking in with your purpose helps you to figure out how best you can serve your audience. As you continue to add value to their life, they’ll continue to look to you to satisfy their needs and wants and they’ll spread the word.

Growing an audience who is primed for what you sell, grows your bottom line.

Attracting the right partnerships

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Said to be an African Proverb, this wisdom rings true!

There are a multitude of mutually-beneficial value-adding opportunities to be had, when you connect and collaborate with people whose purpose aligns with yours. 

Taking appropriate action

With the clarity you get from checking in on your purpose, you’ll have the confidence and motivation to get to work on the various things you need to put in place, to give your practice or creative business, a solid foundation. 

You’ll know the reason behind every decision and every action. All the dots will connect to your bigger vision. You’ll have the stamina to establish and grow systems that will give you the money, time and space, to be free to create!

Ready to check in with your purpose? 

It’s all inside you but sometimes it’s useful to have a framework to put the pieces together. 

I’ve created a workbook to help you check in with your purpose which, you’ll receive when you sign up here.

It’s an exercise you’ll want to come back to, every so often, because times – and people – change.

Make more informed decisions!

The workbook includes a simple tool to help you make better decisions, regarding pursuing all the new ideas and opportunities that will come your way.

Here’s to getting solid on your purpose and monetising your creativity!



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