Creative business resources during COVID-19


We’re living in the most surreal of times – dealing with such a mix of emotions, adjustments, challenges and also… opportunities. Sometimes, we need a little help recognising those opportunities. That’s why I’ve brought together these creative business resources for you.

Let’s begin by remembering our value

I shared a post on my Instagram the other day, that seemed to resonate with so many. I’ll share the caption again here:

No time has ever been easy for creatives to make a living. Our crafts are often seen as luxuries, nice-to-haves. 

And yet, as something I read the other day reminded us: imagine this time of self-isolation WITHOUT the arts?! No music, no poetry, no movies… the list could go on!

Not only can creativity help us cope (practicing it as well as consuming it), it has also always had the power to inspire transformation – of minds, behaviours, entire worlds…

So just a message to my fellow creatives, in case you ever get into those sessions of doubt (I know I sometimes do!). There is value in what you do. 

And… value begets value. 

So keep that value chain going!

There are a few pieces of content that have especially resonated with me – as a creative business owner, as a creative producer and as a human – in the past few weeks.

Well, you know how I love curating things for you! Here is a list of those resources for your creative business, for you the creative and most of all, for you the human being. 

This is a living list that I’ll be adding to, as I find more resources I think will be of value. There’s so much (good) stuff going around the internets but, to help with the overwhelm, I’m being really selective about what makes it on this page.

Creative business resources

How to Safeguard Your Small Biz During the Coronavirus Outbreak

A Goal Digger podcast episode from Jenna Kutcher (the show notes cover all the good stuff, in case you’re not the listening kind). Not specifically for creative businesses but really great suggestions, whether yours is a product- or service-based business.

Top takeaways 

  • Your priority should be finding online ways for people to buy. This may be a shop but, you can also teach classes, share tutorials and take advantage of the internet in other ways, providing valuable content in exchange for cash.

  • Consider offering gift cards for people to redeem later (and indeed gift to others).

  • Consider offering packages that people can buy now which, you can then service over the next few weeks and months.

Creative business owner resources – i.e. for you! 🙂

Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure

Written by Aisha S. Ahmad, an academic who has lived and worked through conditions of war, conflict and disaster. She offers suggestions on how to cope in the different stages of a crisis – as a person and then as a producer.

It is such a wonderfully refreshing read, especially given the new breed of productivity porn that’s been circulating on these interwebs lately. 

Top takeaways

  • “The answer to the question everyone is asking — “When will this be over?” — is simple and obvious, yet terribly hard to accept. The answer is never… The emotionally and spiritually sane response is to prepare to be forever changed.”

  • Practical tips for your physical and psychological security.

  • A beautiful reminder that, it is often out of impossible circumstances that our most enlightened work emerges.

The “Healthy” Foods you should never Eat, Boosting your Immune System and COVID-19

There is no business without you! As much as we may aspire to building businesses that can run without us, I know many of us are still on the journey to get there! So we have to take care of number one. 

This School of Greatness interview with Dr. Steven Gundry is so insightful about health, in general, but with specific recommendations for staying healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.

As somebody who believes in the power of paleo principles (you can read about some of my experiments and experiences), this interview really hit home. It inspired me to make important changes ASAP!

Top takeaways

  • Dr Gundry breaking down why exactly people with underlying conditions are more at risk.

  • As we learn again and again, it all begins with what you eat.

If you have any recommendations for other resources I should check out, please share in the comments below.

Stay well and stay safe!

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  1. Thank you Lulu. What a beautiful gift. Afri Love has been a treasure over the past 9 Years. I am quite sure that the creative spirit of Africa will indeed show the world how to love.

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