Notebook ideas to nourish the soul

Calling all stationery lovers! We know how you hoard beautiful notebooks, knowing that one day they’ll be useful. Saving them for that special moment when the time will be just right. Sometimes all you need is some good notebook ideas to bring them out of hiding and out in the open for your daily delight!

Coping during uncertain times

In these uncertain times, some of us have more time on our hands than usual. Some of us are juggling working from home and childcare and so perhaps have less time on our hands. One thing that does seem to be common is a desire for reflection. For mental pause and recalibration. And a craving for routine, now that many of our former ones have been turned upside down.

Nourish your soul with these notebook ideas 

So perhaps, dear friend, this is the perfect time to pull out that notebook you’ve been saving and dedicate it to something nourishing for the soul.

Here are some notebook ideas to inspire you:

Hand-lettering practice 

I’m biased but, we believe that creativity is one of THE best balms for the soul. Exploring a new creative practice is a great way to calm the anxieties of challenging times. The concentration gets you into a meditative flow by forcing you to be fully present, in mind and body.

If you don’t already, follow @_kulula on Instagram. Nzilani who runs it often offers hand-lettering classes (some of you experienced them at Afri-love Fest or Afri-love Connection Club self-care events).

Here’s another beginner’s guide to get you started. For the more seasoned, check out Hom Sweet Hom.

Gratitude journal

There is immense power in thinking about what you’re grateful for and writing it down. Each day, I challenge myself to find 9 different things I’m thankful for and why. It might sound like a lot but, in pushing yourself that way, you realise that there is actually PLENTY to always be grateful for. It brings a lot of perspective.

It also can improve your confidence, sleep quality, resilience and more!

Check out this post on how to start a gratitude journal.

Action points

As a stationery lover, I usually have several notebooks “on the go”, at any particular time. One is my journal, one is my planner, one I take to meetings, one for notes from books I’m reading etc. etc. etc. Because my memory is pretty much non-existent, I have to write everything down. Any ideas I come up with or tasks I think of have to be immediately written down if there’s to be a chance of follow-up.

Between all the written places I mentioned and apps on my phone, I end up with action points all over the place! Having one central notebook for action points means, I can transfer them all from their convenient-at-that-moment places, into one reference point. Takes the discipline of doing this transfer, e.g. once weekly, but brings peace of mind that nothing important will be forgotten.

You could get really thorough with your action points like so.

Scrap book

Store your special moments of a particular season and/or relationship, in one place. A book you can call upon when you need to smile or a really precious and thoughtful memento to gift to a loved one.

Here are some tips on how to scrapbook like a pro.

Habit tracker

They say “what gets measured gets done”. Indeed, for me, tracking habits I’m trying to instil/stick to, does indeed motivate me to be consistent.

What I’m currently tracking daily: journalling, meditation, movement, reading and hours of sleep.

Here are 42 self care habits you could track.

Gift it

Your fellow stationery lovers will always be appreciative of a notebook gift! Browse our zodiac ladies here. We are dispatching deliveries, once a week, until further notice.

Recording dreams

Keep your notebook by your bedside so you can immediately jot down those vivid dreams, for later reference and  interpretation.

Here’s a resource on how to keep a dream journal.

Noting ideas

As with action points above, having a central place will help you stay on top of your ideas for when you’re ready to bring them into being!

Here are some tips for keeping an effective idea journal.

Bullet journal

A few years ago, Martina of Riko Love Crafts introduced me to bullet journalling, at an Afri-love Connection Club self-care event. I’ve been using many of the bullet journalling principles since, adapting them to suit my needs.

Here are some useful resources – and inspiration – in case you want to explore your own BuJo journey:


Get your doodle on and make art simply for art’s sake.

If you’re a beginner, here are some great tips for starting a daily sketching habit.


Perhaps you have a new notebook for each year. Note your goals for the year, why they’re important to you, how you’ll know you’ve succeeded and how you’ll reward yourself.

Then break them down into monthly goals, with all the action steps chunked down. Then assign them all to different weeks.

Hoard it!

I will not judge you if, after all this, you choose to continue to hoard your notebooks. There is soul nourishment in gazing upon their beauty alone :).

If you’d like some from our collection, you can find them here

More notebook ideas

Explore 12 more journal ideas here and 35 things to do with a blank notebook here.

Stay safe and keep well everybody!


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