Upcycling ideas: giving new life to old greeting cards:


It’s always my hope that the products people buy from me will be loved for a long time. 

I love writing special messages to my loved ones and I hope that’s enough for them to hold on to and treasure the greeting cards I write them in :).

But, I know that’s not always the case! I too am guilty of sending cards to the trash, in the spirit of decluttering and other life-changing magic

I always think to myself: perhaps I should keep them for future creative/crafty DIY projects (yes, can be a recipe for hoarding! I’m guilty of that too!).

Upcycling wins

I am also the person who’s always advocating for us all to embrace more creativity in our lives. And for us to all be more mindful of this beautiful place we call home (Earth!).

For these two reasons, I wanted to share some ideas on how we can all give old greeting cards a longer life and make a small effort towards waste reduction.

DIY time!

My colleague Brenda and I scoured the net for good tutorials and Brenda got crafty to demonstrate some of our favourite ideas (thanks Brenda!).


Upcycling Ideas New-Life-Old-Cards-DIY-Bookmarks

Along with gift tags, these are perhaps the easiest to make! A great activity for kids too. Here’s how.

Gift tags

Upcycling ideas New-Life-Old-Cards-DIY-Gift-Tags

How to here. Paper flowers from Riko Love Crafts.


Upcycling Ideas New-Life-Old-Cards-DIY-Notepads

Different styles. Get instructions here.

Bottle labels

Upcycling ideas New-Life-Old-Cards-DIY-Bottle-Label

Get fancy when gifting wine (and other beverages of choice ;). Here’s how. Why not write a special note on the reverse, for extra delight.

Make more art

Have some collage fun with pieces from various or even the same old card. And the gift can keep on giving! You can turn an old card into a postcard to spread the love even further…

Upcycling ideas New-Life-Old-Cards-DIY-Collage-Postcard

… or you can create a whole new card, using pieces from old ones. More inspiration here.

Upcycling ideas New-Life-Old-Cards-DIY-Collage-Greeting-Card

Have fun and tag us on Instagram, @lulukitololo, to show off your creations!

Need some new greeting cards?

We have a wide selection. Find out how to get yours here.

(All cards used here are our own designs).

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