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The last Soulful Branding course of the year has kicked off and I’m in that mode where I’m revisiting and thinking about all the course content anew. 

I’m doing the exercises again myself because, they’re a great opportunity to review what’s working with my own brand, what can be improved and what needs to be let go.

In thinking about whether my brand is still expressing what I want it to, I have to look at all the materials that are an expression of my brand and all the spaces or platforms where my brand has a voice. All of these are opportunities to connect with my ideal clients and customers so, I need to ensure everything is in place to facilitate this engagement.

In this episode of Soulful Branding Live with Lulu, I share how you too can ensure that you’re properly loving on all your materials and platforms, also known as touchpoints.

What are touchpoints and why are they important?

Your touchpoints are all the different ways in which people can interact with your brand – in real life (anything from a one-on-one meeting to an event) and online (which can include websites, social media, apps and more).

Often, we’ll dedicate a lot of time to creating or setting up our touchpoints but, it’s easy to neglect them once they’re there. I’m guilty of this too! 

It’s a missed opportunity because our touchpoints are how people get introduced to our brands, learn more about them, discover how they’re beneficial to them, and eventually sign up for our services or buy our products. 

In episode 6 I talked about how it takes a person 5-20 touches (i.e. interactions) with your brand, before they make the decision to buy. Ensuring your touchpoints are on point to entice, provide value and convert interested parties into clients and customers – should be a business priority.

Loving on your touchpoints

The following is a menu of touchpoint ideas, along with some thoughts as to how you can love on each of them a little more:

One-on-one/direct communications

Such as phone calls, Skype calls and emails.

Consider your phone manner and scripts if you have them. Consider your email manner; having a professional email address with your own domain as opposed to just a gmail; and make the most of your email signature – invite people to discover your site and highlight any current promotions, upcoming events, press mentions etc.

Your visual identity 

Your visual identity itself is a touchpoint – your logo, fonts, colours, imagery style and so on.

Consider whether all these elements – and your visual identity as a whole – reflects what you want to be known for.

Your messaging

The tone of voice you use, your tagline, your elevator pitch, your key messages and all the copy you create.

Do these things reflect the personality of your brand? Do they sound like you?

Digital touchpoints

There are so many opportunities here: your website, your social media presence, your email marketing, apps, infographics etc.

When it comes to your website – consider your URL, your design, your copy, the images you use and the user experience. 

When it comes to social media – consider the choice of platform (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.); the ID/name you choose; your profile picture and cover photos; and your bio which is a big opportunity as it’s where new prospects will often go to find out more.

Also consider your social media participation. Which groups are you showing up in and adding value to. You might even start your own, to build a community around your brand.

When it comes to email marketing (which you know I love), how are you creating value with each email you send? How are you making it worth your reader’s while to stay subscribed? What small touches are you including to pleasantly surprise and delight? Do you have a clear call-to-action?

In real life

Your business collateral – business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, flyers, brochures, presentation templates, pop-up banners etc.

If you sell products, your displays and packaging are also touchpoints.

There are also things that we might not often consider such as, our personal presentation! The way we dress can also speak to our brand. The physical spaces in which we conduct business express something about our brand. This could be an office, a shop but, if you don’t have your own brick-and-mortar space, the places in which you choose to meet people count also. Pay attention to the appearance of the space and the mood it evokes.

Events, meet-ups and other experiences you create for your business are touchpoints so consider everything – from the venue, the set-up of the space, the refreshments, the sound. Your presence in any networking groups you might be a part of is also a touchpoint so, consider how you show up in these spaces.

Prioritising your touchpoints

Remember, this is just a menu of ideas. You should by no means feel obligated to have every single one of these things for your business. The maintenance of so many touchpoints just wouldn’t be sustainable (until you have the massive workforce to match!).

Pick the ones that make the most sense for you. You can determine this by:

  • How does my ideal client/customer like to interact?
  • Where do I show up best OR how can I best present my brand?
  • What’s sustainable for me to maintain?

Steps for regular loving

Once you’ve picked your priority touchpoints, I recommend scheduling in a regular review to make sure everything is relevant, up to date and as good as it can be. I’m currently doing my review monthly but, I’d like to work up to weekly as soon I have the capacity to do so.

Here are some things to check, during your reviews:

  • Is everything on-brand? Consider the messaging and the visuals.
  • If you’re highlighting/promoting something, is it timely AND in line with your goals?
  • Is your call-to-action clear? If you don’t have one, I challenge you to include one – people like being told what to do and are often happy to follow instructions.
  • Can you refresh your images?
  • Are there any tech updates you can take advantage of (e.g. lately there are new features being added to Facebook pages all the time – are you taking advantage of things that could enhance your presence and increase engagement)?
  • Is your contact information up to date?

What else can you review? Let me know in the comments.


Please share your questions – or experiences – in the comments. I’d love to read them!

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Soulful Branding Live Lulu Episode 8 Loving Brand Touchpoints

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