A Soulful Branding case study: Alive with Amelie

Soulful Branding Case Study Alive with Amelie

I’m sharing this Soulful Branding case study, to give you a taste of what to expect from the online course.

One of my students, Amelie Muthundo, agreed to share her experience with the course and the beautiful visual identity that resulted from the work she did! 

Amelie is a medium, personal transformation coach and energy healer, guiding sensitive and intuitive souls on their healing journey to feeling more alive and happy. She believes life is a journey of constant learning and transformation is possible.

Passionate about holistic connections between the human experience and the “invisible world” of energies and spirits, she supports people to heal past wounds, reconnect with their intuition and creativity, reclaim their power over their body, mind and soul, protect their energy and most of all feel simply happy.

Her approach is simple and practical aiming at providing solutions for long lasting transformation. 

Why did you decide to take the Soulful Branding Challenge?

My educational background is in social sciences and coaching and I had never been interested in marketing or branding, let alone knowing what it entailed. As I started my journey as a personal transformation coach, I realized I needed to advertise myself in a way that reflected me and my coaching philosophy and I had no clue how. I had met Lulu a few months earlier and, after following her on social media and loving her brand, I decided to join. I could see what she meant by including the soul in branding. I decided to join because there was the word “Soulful” in front of “Branding” and my business is all about the work of the soul.

What was the most powerful takeaway for you, from the course?

The course started me on a creative journey. The way the course is designed made me tap into my creative energy in a way that I had never thought about before. In the course I learnt about defining my ideal customer and tailoring my visual branding and storytelling towards her. This was completely new to me at that time and it has stayed with me since. In the past 9 months, as I’ve refined my business, I have been going back to this learning many times. 

What results did the course create for your business?

It guided me to think about business differently, i.e. defining my ideal customers and my business philosophy. The course also guided me to choose a name for my soulful business: Alive with Amelie. I felt more confident doing my visual branding and managed to choose a style that was simple enough for me to create visuals. A few months ago, I hired a graphic designer who has just completed the work for my brand. Thanks to the Soulful Branding course I was able to provide useful information to the designer, in line with who I am as a healer and coach. I am now working on my website which will be one of the biggest achievements this year for my business.

Anything else you want to share?

Lulu is a wonderful teacher with a curious mind and a kind heart. She always encouraged me and other participants to share and discuss. I felt really special being part of the Soulful Branding course

Soulful Branding Case Study – Alive with Amelie

Soulful Branding Case Study – Alive with Amelie Soul-Live

Above – Amelie’s new branding! Designed by Nzilani Simu

It’s been so wonderful supporting Amelie through this process. I’ve learned so much from her also and been so inspired!

Connect with Amelie

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