Fearless branding: it’s time to share your gifts with the world!


Being fearless is something that’s been coming up a lot lately and it applies to branding too! I’ve been getting a wonderful astrology kick from Instagram these days. I was reading a post from Spirit Daughter the other day and the following lines really resonated with me:

“Once you see how powerful you are, then it’s time to share your uniqueness with the world. Virgo Season is a time to feel your self-worth and understand that no one is you. Virgo rules the sixth house of service and teaches that true service is offering your magic to those around you. Often we take ourselves for granted, not being our own perfection. Virgo Season is a time to celebrate yourself and embrace your inner Goddess as you share her fearlessly with the world.” [Emphasis mine]

You can’t imagine how pumped I was reading this. It’s so in-sync with everything the Soulful Branding course is all about:

  • Stepping into your power – aka your uniqueness – and sharing it with the world
  • The service of offering your magic to the world. 

Reading it I knew I was on to my topic for this week’s episode of Soulful Branding Live with Lulu: fearless branding. 

Many of us are hiding!

I know from working with and being surrounded by so many amazing women in particular, that there is a real reluctance and sometimes even fear, of putting ourselves out there. 

There are so many stories we tell ourselves which become barriers. Some common ones that have us hiding our gifts are:

  • I’m not good enough/qualified enough/experienced enough
  • I don’t want to come across as vain or narcissistic
  • I don’t want to bombard people and annoy them
  • I don’t have time/I don’t have money

Today, I want to address each one of these and hopefully convince you about why you need to come out of hiding and be out there shining.

Fearless branding

Objection 1: I’m not good enough/qualified enough/experienced enough

Did you know that 70% of human beings suffer from imposter syndrome at some point in their lives? Imposter syndrome involves feelings of self-doubt and incompetence, despite evidence proving that you got this!

I recently wrote a post sharing 8 ways to overcome imposter syndrome, inspired by conversations at the Afri-love Connection Club Everyday Wonderwomen talks. You’ll see and be pleased to know that, you’re really not alone! 

Feeling like a fraud is a very common barrier to us putting ourselves out there and it really needn’t be. If you cast a critical eye over your existence, you’ll see several examples of people faking it until they make it! Often, we have so much more to show – and share – than many of the people who decide to leave fear at home and bluff their way through.

It’s that – a decision. And the sooner you decide to be bold, the sooner you’ll connect your magic with those who are in search of it.

Objection 2: I don’t want to come across as vain or narcissistic

Look at the people you follow. I bet there is at least one (if not ten!) who regularly puts their gifts forward. In such an authentic way that you’ve never thought of them as being vain or narcissistic. In fact, you’ve proactively looked for them to see what new goodness they have for you. Lucky for you, they weren’t shy to share it. 

Can you think of at least one person who fits this bill? Good. Study them. Observe how they present themselves fearlessly in their branding. Remember that branding is a full experience – it’s the combination of the various ways in which they express their uniqueness. Take notes and see how you can accomplish something similar, but with your unique twist, when it comes to your brand.

Remember: human beings connect with other human beings. We want to relate to you – because that helps us feel seen and heard. We want to be privy to your story – because that helps us feel that you’re real and stirs something in our hearts and souls. Sometimes, we want you to inspire and motivate us – we want those reflections of what’s possible for ourselves.

So dust off the reticence – there is a bigger purpose to being seen. Remember the vision and mission you set out for your brand? Remember the values that guide you? I bet these have to do with creating some delight and some good in the lives of others. Whether you chose the mission or it chose you – you are the vehicle and you need to get driving!

Objection 3: I don’t want to bombard people and annoy them

It’s highly unlikely that anybody in your audience is reading every single Tweet, every single blog post and every single email you share. Find me that person and they can tell us all the secret of how to stop time! 

We all have our preferences of how we consume content and it can totally vary depending on what the content is, the season we’re in, how we’re feeling that day, etcetera…

Focus again on your ideal client and customer. Where do they hang out? Got it? Great. Show up there, consistently and regularly. 

Remember: if you’re sending out a monthly email newsletter – I miss one and I haven’t heard from you in two months. That’s one-sixth of the year! The less I hear from you, the easier it is for me to forget your message, to forget how you can help me, and to forget who you even are!

On the flip side: the more I hear from you, the more your message is strengthened in my mind, the more I get to know you, the more I get to like you, the more my trust in you grows, the more I’m likely to buy from you or refer you to others.

It takes a person 5-20 touches (i.e. interactions) with your brand, before they make the decision to buy.

How are you facilitating those touches? Being shy about being seen is definitely not one of the ways!

Objection 4: I don’t have time/money

When we talk about fearless branding, what we’re essentially talking about is marketing. For many of us, marketing often ends up being one of our lowest priorities. Often, we’ll dedicate more time to product development, service delivery and fighting fires! 

Marketing is ultimately presenting the valuable things we create and do, to the people who need and want it. By not shining a light on the great things we’re doing – regularly and consistently – we’re reducing the number of people who can access those products and services. We’re effectively blocking potential customers and clients from even knowing about the existence of our offering.

No time and no money are rarely real excuses. This is what we tell ourselves when we haven’t decided to make something a priority. Because, we’ll always find a way to find time and money, when we’ve decided something is a priority.

Again, the power is in your hands. 

Which brings me back to that quote I shared at the beginning. To reiterate some key parts of it: “Once you see how powerful you are, then it’s time to share your uniqueness with the world. … true service is offering your magic to those around you.”


Please share your fearless branding questions – or experiences – in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

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