International Women’s Day portraits and colouring sheets


Happy International Women’s Day!

I’ve created a new series of illustrated portraits for the occasion, inspired by vintage photographs of women around the world.

The women featured include:

  • A woman from the Native American Lakota Tribe, photographed in the 1800s
  • An Afro-Brazilian woman, photographed in 1869
  • A Bedouin woman, photographed between the 1860s and the 1920s
  • A Masaai woman, year unknown
  • A Malagasy woman, photographed in 1898
  • A Nepali woman, circa 1905

Bedouin girl

[Photo by G. Lekegian & Cie]

You can see the reference photos for these African ladies, as well as other vintage beauties, on my African Style board on Pinterest.

I’m so intrigued about the lives of these women and the circumstances around the taking of these photos.

What drew me to their photos is their style! The prints, patterns and adornment they’re wearing.


These ladies are available:

  1. As greeting cards in our online shop
  2. As colouring sheets which you can access for free when you join our mailing list


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