How your business philosophy can help you grow


We all have personal values and beliefs, as well as experiences and interests that inform our business philosophy. 

Often, this philosophy is behind the scenes and something we don’t consciously tie into how we talk about what we offer (i.e. our marketing). Sure it seeps into everything because we are so connected to it but, have you ever considered writing it down, in one place, for the world to see?

Have you ever sat down, with your strategic hat on, and thought about how all the products and services you offer directly tie into the different aspects of your philosophy?

I have to admit that I hadn’t done this properly for my business until the end of last year. Many many moons ago, I’d done it for this blog – back when it was still a labour of love and not a strategic platform for my business (if you ask nicely I might share it with you 🙂 ).

I was inspired by Beth Kirby when I saw her articulate hers in such a clear and compelling way. And being somebody who consumes her content, I felt it so well summed up all that I’ve experienced her to be about.

It anchored the various products that she offers and the various themes that are covered in her content. It was the thread that tied everything together. 

This had me reflecting on it all from a strategic point of view. 

How your business philosophy can help you grow

It gives you focus

Sitting down and challenging myself to write down my philosophy was such a useful exercise! In the process, I reminded myself about what’s most important. 

This can be useful in making decisions about opportunities that come your way. You can ask yourself: “how is this aligned to my philosophy?”. If it isn’t, then it likely isn’t something you should be giving your time to right now.

It gives you a clear way to talk about your business

A clear way to express why you do what you do. For me, this exercise affirmed the connection between the various things I do – they take a few different forms but, their ultimate objectives are aligned. 

This is an especially useful tool for the multi-passionate entrepreneurs among us, who may struggle to describe what we do in a way that doesn’t seem like we’re all over the place.

It gives you structure so your actions are goal-oriented

It also gave me a framework to use going forward, in terms of the themes that will inspire what I create – whether that’s products, tools, or marketing content. This way, I am creating with more intention and I am constantly reinforcing my message.

How do you create a philosophy for your business?

Rather than tell you how to create your philosophy, I feel it may be more instructive to show you mine (and by now you may be curious anyway). 

In any case, I don’t know if there’s necessarily a right or wrong way to do this. It’s yours so, own it!

My philosophy

Mine is inspired by a LOT of lessons I’ve learned over the years.

2019 is my 10th year in self-employment and this past decade has coincided with a lot of personal growth. I think the two are definitely related – entrepreneurship really tests you as a person. In fact, my short stint having an MLM business really showed me how success in your business is proportional to your development as a person.

After taking a lot of leaps last year (like this onethis one and this one), and not only making it out alive but thriving through them, I decided to kick things up a notch this year.

But first, I needed to really check in with why I do things and how I do things. 

Not only for myself but, in order to be able to clearly share my philosophy with others. To let them know what they can expect from me and help them decide whether they’re in the right place or not.

I really recommend this exercise to you all, especially if you’re in business. If you’re not, this can still be an important exercise for your personal brand. It can help you determine what opportunities to go after – or indeed, create for yourself – and which ones to pass on.

So here it is, the first draft of my philosophy.

Be yourself

Whenever I’m feeling stuck, it’s often because I’m trying too hard. When we let go of expectations, ones whose source we often don’t even remember, everything starts to flow.

Be mindful

Every thing and every being is connected. It only takes a fraction of additional time to pause, think and then act with more consideration. To ourselves, to others and to our planet which… all circles back to us.

Keep it real

When we are real – honest, open, vulnerable – we do a great service to others. 

Creativity is powerful

It can change the world! I believe that it’s there inside each one of us. It’s down to us to embrace, celebrate and leverage its power, in the service of bringing about what we want to see in the world.

Show your work

So many people shy away from sharing, out of fear. But sharing unlocks all kinds of wonders. Feedback that can help you grow and innovate; finding support from corners you didn’t imagine; and contributing your voice to the world.  

Nurture your community

There is nothing as affirming and heart-warming as finding a group of like-minded people to walk through your life and business journey with. 

Wellness first

I believe that everything starts from the self. When we are truly well, we are in tune with the natural state of things. We then understand that to maintain this harmony, we need to act in ways that inspire and facilitate wellness in others. I’m convinced that’s why yoga teachers are so zen!

This too shall pass

In the thick of it, you often can’t see a way out but, there is always a way. It may not be what we expected but, it is often always for the best. And many times, it leads to previously unimaginable beautiful things.

Seek joy

This is my personal mission and that of my Studio too. To seek and to exude joy in everything that we do.

Another path to Soulful Branding

This is just another way of putting more of yourself into your business, in order to create more soulful branding and communications. Communications that help you connect with your tribe and serve them well. Connecting with your unique voice and connecting with your tribe are some of the things you’ll figure out and hone in my Soulful Branding course. Find out more and sign up for the next session

Tell me about you!

I’d love to hear more about YOU and what values and beliefs drive what you do. What’s your philosophy? How has it informed and impacted your business? Please share in the comments.

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