East African Food, Illustrated

I recently illustrated the ingredients of some of my favourite East African food: pilau, kachumbari and ndizi (green bananas, Tanzanian style).

My colleague, Rasoah, collated some recipes from the interwebs, in case you’re unfamiliar with these dishes and would like to give them a try. Creativity is our forté so, there’s quite a bit of variation in preparation styles!

East African food – recipes


Tanzanian matoke – this recipe is closest to the one I was imagining when creating my illustration (my mum’s ndizi is the bomb!)

Ndizi na samaki (green bananas in turmeric with fish)



Kenyan goat pilau

Swahili pilau



Kachumbari, with avocado and fancy presentation!

Mango Kachumbari

What’s your favourite East African food?

Feel free to share links to your favourite recipes in the comments below!

The illustrations were all created by myself, Lulu Kitololo, and are currently available on greeting cards, as seen in the April Sunshine Club goodies below. Get in touch with us to purchase and for wholesale orders.

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