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Made in Kenya Store Lulu Kitololo

“Made in Kenya” design was a very different thing when I was growing up, a couple of decades ago. The creative industry consisted of great theatrical productions and not much else. African Heritage was the place to get beautiful African crafts but, very much of the aesthetic that you’d expect when you think of “African”.

Back then, there were very few possibilities in our imagination, when it came to having a career as a creative and being able to make a decent living off of it.

That’s a huge part why I started this blog: to showcase the diversity of creative possibilities for us – affirming people’s creative dreams and inspiring them to pursue them.

I love that there are now several places, in Kenya and in other parts of the continent and diaspora, that are celebrating exquisite, innovative design, made in-country and/or by local talents.

Shop Made in Kenya

The Made in Kenya Store, in Nairobi, is one of these places and I’m honoured that they are now also stocking my own designs. It’s a fabulous shop, in an appropriate setting –  the Alchemist, a venue celebrating all kinds of contemporary arts.

Here are some of the brands currently in stock:

Adele Dejak Jewellery Made in Kenya

Adele Dejak

Bongosawa Urban Clothing Made in Kenya




Kapoeta by Ambica

Kapoeta by Ambica Feather Accessories Made in Kenya

Kapoeta by Ambica

Katungulu Mwendwa

Katungulu Mwendwa

Kipato Unbranded Jewellery Made in Kenya

Kipato Unbranded

Lilabare Fashion Jewellery Made in Kenya


Lulu Kitololo Studio Gifts Stationery Made in Kenya

Lulu Kitololo Studio

NyaKan Afrika Bags Made in Kenya

Nya’Kan Africa

Ocell Luxury Silk Accessories Made in Kenya

Ocell Luxury

Olive and Annie Baby Moccassins Made in Kenya

Olive and Annie

One Hundred Years Kenya Shirts Made in Kenya

One Hundred Years Kenya

Pink Savannah Jewellery Made in Kenya

Pink Savannah

Pino Nord Home Decor Made in Kenya

Pino Nord

Sandstorm Kenya Bags Made in Kenya

Sandstorm Kenya

Ubuntu Made Bags Made in Kenya

Ubuntu Made

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