Project stories: our collaboration with Sandstorm Kenya

December is here and I’m getting all reflective and starting to take stock of this year. One of the most exciting things that happened is my collaboration with luxury bag brand, Sandstorm Kenya.

Today, I thought I’d share a little bit about how the featured designs came to life. 


The cacti and “Sun Worshipper” designs, were originally drawings, created as part of my #plantsomethingdaily challenge. The plan was to create a piece of plant-inspired art, every single day, for a year. It was an interesting exercise in stretching the imagination and letting go of perfectionism. The cacti were inspired by my love of succulents and the sun worshippers, by my love for the sun.

About a year later, I developed these drawings into designs for greeting cards.


Later, I hatched a plan with Sandstorm Kenya, to modify these particular designs and have them screen-printed onto canvas. Thus, our first bag collaboration was born.

Her name is Metrine and she’s available in 2 sizes and various colourways. Find a Sandstorm store here.

I look forward to more co-creation of exquisite pieces, with like-minded people and brands, in 2018 and beyond!

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