#justformechallenge: how a month of daily self-care went down

Thursday marked the end of the #justformechallenge: a month of consciously creating me-time, every single day.

My #justformechallenge results

I succeeded in doing something, just for myself, for 30 out of the 31 days. On many occasions I felt like giving up – wanting to just skip the day. Often this happened when it got late, I was tired and doing something felt like a big effort. However, I was always glad to have insisted on getting off my behind (or staying on it, if the activity required it 🙂 and giving myself that time, if even for just 10 minutes.

As much as I managed to list out 33 things that I enjoy, I didn’t even get through half of them. Often because the activities would have required prior planning or were simply too ambitious for life with a now-12-week-old baby. This just means I have so much to still look forward to because, I will be working my way through that list!

I also realised that my list is missing several more simple things. Things I naturally slid into doing, as the days went by. For example: inviting friends over and catching up over home-cooked food (and celebratory bubbles); drinking a delicious green smoothie while sat on a park bench, staring at more green; folding clothes (imagine?!); and trying on a beautiful dress in a fitting room!

(I logged my activities on the Afri-love Instagram feed.)


The power – and beauty – of community

It’s been wonderful to do this alongside others (including many of you!). Not only has sharing helped with accountability but, I have been so inspired and encouraged by the activities and commitment of others who participated. There’s been great camaraderie around this in the Afri-love Women Facebook group and, a few have shared via Instagram.

Thanks to this community participation, I’ve made some great new discoveries. These include a podcast I need to check out; a delicious recipe I need to try; places I need to visit and more!

Thank you to all who got involved!

What’s next?

I’ve decided to run another challenge this February, 2019!
For those who like a bit of structure, I’ll be sharing specific prompts for each day. You’ll also get to download a beautiful tracker, to help you visualise your progress and also to keep as a repository of ideas for the future.
If you’d like to participate, sign up here before the 29th of January. You will receive more information about the challenge, prompts, the tracker and weekly inspiration (as well as other tools and treats from my library).

Did you participate in the #justformechallenge? How did it go? What insights did you have/discoveries did you make/triumphs did you experience?

What was the best part of your adventure?

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