#justformechallenge: how a month of daily self-care went down

Thursday marked the end of the #justformechallenge: a month of consciously creating me-time, every single day.

My #justformechallenge results

I succeeded in doing something, just for myself, for 30 out of the 31 days. On many occasions I felt like giving up – wanting to just skip the day. Often this happened when it got late, I was tired and doing something felt like a big effort. However, I was always glad to have insisted on getting off my behind (or staying on it, if the activity required it 🙂 and giving myself that time, if even for just 10 minutes.

As much as I managed to list out 33 things that I enjoy, I didn’t even get through half of them. Often because the activities would have required prior planning or were simply too ambitious for life with a now-12-week-old baby. This just means I have so much to still look forward to because, I will be working my way through that list!

I also realised that my list is missing several more simple things. Things I naturally slid into doing, as the days went by. For example: inviting friends over and catching up over home-cooked food (and celebratory bubbles); drinking a delicious green smoothie while sat on a park bench, staring at more green; folding clothes (imagine?!); and trying on a beautiful dress in a fitting room!

(I logged my activities on the Afri-love Instagram feed.)


The power – and beauty – of community

It’s been wonderful to do this alongside others (including many of you!). Not only has sharing helped with accountability but, I have been so inspired and encouraged by the activities and commitment of others who participated. There’s been great camaraderie around this in the Afri-love Women Facebook group and, a few have shared via Instagram.

Thanks to this community participation, I’ve made some great new discoveries. These include a podcast I need to check out; a delicious recipe I need to try; places I need to visit and more!

Thank you to all who got involved!

What’s next?

Personally, I look forward to keeping this up: to incorporating slices of me-time in every single day. Whether for 5 minutes or 50!

I will continue to regularly share my triumphs in this department, on the Afri-love Instagram feed @afriloveblog, with the #hashtag #justformechallenge. Please do share yours with that hashtag too and we can continue to inspire and support each other on our self-care journeys.

Want a more structured/ guided approach? I highly recommend my friend Tara Jackson’s FREE 30 days of self-care challenge. I’ve done it myself and loved the daily tips/ideas in my inbox each morning.

Did you participate in the #justformechallenge? How did it go? What insights did you have/discoveries did you make/triumphs did you experience?

What was the best part of your adventure?

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