Zanzibar dreaming: my wishlist of where to stay

There are few things I enjoy more than being by the beach and Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful that I’ve experienced yet. I really think I’m designed to live by the coast. Swimming in the wild ocean whose grandness awes and frightens me and yet, floating and moving through the water soothes me so. Relaxing on sandy beaches, watching the world go by and surrendering to the natural pace of time. Finding nourishment from the fruits of the sea and, in East Africa, the delicious Swahili cuisine!

I know babymoons are technically supposed to happen before delivery but, I’m dreaming of a postpartum Zanzibar vacation this Autumn. It helps that a handful of my friends are planning trips there this year. Answering their requests for tips has me researching and getting inspired myself!

Here’s my wishlist of where to stay…


Situated along Matemwe beach is the family-ran Utupoa which, in their own words, is “sort of like a hotel, but totally isn’t.” I imagine escaping from the world (but still having the option of luxuries such as wifi and cable TV, should we need them). You can tell the various rooms have been curated with love. Combined with family-style Swahili meals – Utopoa truly seems like it will feel like a home away from home. What a perfect place to introduce our new baby to all the wonders of coastal life that I love so much! Booking for Utupoa is done via Airbnb.

Utupoa Zanzibar at NightUtopoa Zanzibar Seafood Beach

Utupoa Zanzibar Room



I first came across this villa via its dreamy Instagram feed. Located at the edge of Jambiani village, this luxury 6-bedroom property includes a pool and garden, overlooking the sea. Renting the entire house means total privacy – a perfect place to relax with a group of friends and family. With a baby, this might be ideal as, we won’t have to worry about disturbing other guests (is it true that some people’s hearts just can’t be softened by any amount of cuteness?!).




Baraza Resort & Spa


An all inclusive boutique hotel. This is perhaps the super-luxe option of all 3: voted by CNN as one of the best hotels in Africa, along with winning several TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards such as one of the top 25 luxury hotels in the world. It’s situated along Bwejuu Paje beach which, is one of the top island beaches in the world, according to Condé Nast. Here I imagine serious indulgence: fine dining, spa treatments and lots and lots of snoozing, indoors and out. The latter of course, if baby allows!


Baraza Zanzibar Spa

Baraza Zanzibar Pool Night

Do you have a favourite place to stay while in Zanzibar? Or perhaps you’ve got some gems in your wishlist too! Do share in the comments below.

Photos via the Utupoa, Casadamare and Baraza websites. Illustrations by myself, Lulu Kitololo.

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