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Blog beginnings

When I started this blog, I had a hypothesis behind it but, as the years went by, I continued to write about the things that interested me, without consciously checking them against those founding ideas. What I did realise is that there were some emerging themes: creativity, enterprise and wellness. 

Now, I can finally articulate what underpins these potentially disparate things – sustainable living.


Sustainability begins with me

In this context, it’s sustainable living on a very personal level – how can we, as creative people, respond to this calling while earning a heathy income and taking care of ourselves, so that we may continue to create (and live). All these three things are interdependent.

Those who’ve been reading the blog for a while might be bored by now of my insistence that it all starts with self. I truly believe we can’t effectively help others until we’ve helped ourselves. However, what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, is sustainable living on a larger scale.


Higher ambitions

Over Easter, I took a short break to the seaside and I stayed at one of the world’s top “eco-hotels”, The Green House (incidentally, I designed the hotel’s visual identity, several years ago). Everything about the hotel is green – everything has been considered, from the building itself to what comes in, what goes out and the way things are done inside.

This got me thinking about how I would like to be even more conscious of my purchasing decisions.

At the moment, I buy organic meat from a great ethical company and try to buy fruits and vegetables from one of my local farmer’s market, as often as possible. I use eco-friendly cleaning products and stay away from harsh chemicals like bleach – all these things end up somewhere in nature. I take public transport 95% of the time and I recycle all that my local council will accept. I try to support independent businesses – they are often more creative and interesting! But there’s still more that I could be doing.


Sustainable living – literally

My siblings and I have a monthly Skype date and, during our last call, my sister introduced us to Earth Ships – radically sustainable buildings.

I knew instantly that this was the kind of house I want to live in and call my own. So much about this concept resonates with me – resourcefulness, community and collective action, creativity, upcycling, harmony with nature and fun!

Just have a look at these beauties.


We can have more

I think we human beings are wired to see alternatives from the norm as a chore. What I’m learning to appreciate is that, with some creativity and being present, alternatives can actually help us to enjoy a richer life, as well as make that a possibility for so many more. 

After all, we are all interdependent. On each other and on this beautiful Earth we’ve been blessed to call home.


Happy Earth Day everybody! Let's celebrate by showing her some love.


Image: a collage I did back in university. This was part of a series of 4, illustrating the four elements. Here – earth.

Thanks Lusungu for the title!




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