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My daily art challenge continues. There have been times, when I’m just about to go to bed, after working really long hours, and I remember that I haven’t created the day’s piece! It’s been so tempting to just give that one time a miss. However, thanks to all the wonderful encouragement you’ve been showing me, I’ve stayed on course and I’m really grateful for that.

Above are some of my favourites from February. It’s interesting how different themes emerge:

  • I had some fun with bird’s eye view cacti and …
  • … some more of the collaged leaf compositions I started last month
  • I created a few vine-like drawings which, subconsciously almost all consisted of 8 ‘arms’ which, NYC artist promoter, NYCOctopus, pointed out to me
  • Patterns were another thing I started to do quite a bit of and, two of them can be seen above

See all 28 pieces from February, either onInstagram (#plantsomethingdaily) and on my relatively new Facebook page, dedicated to my art. I’d love to hear which ones are your favourites. I’m considering turning some into postcards or greeting cards so, let me know via Instagram or Facebook.

Last week, I reached an Instagram milestone of 1,000 followers and, to celebrate, the day’s piece consisted of 1,000 leaves. Here’s the piece below (view a close-up photo on Instagram).




Here’s to a new month of daily art!

All artwork by yours truly, Lulu Kitololo




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