The Life-changing Magic of Tidying

KonMari System During
Just before Christmas, Stacy from my mastermind group shared a book she was reading, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying. At the time, it piqued my interest and I made a loose mental note to check it out. A few weeks later, it came up again and this time, something in me wanted to read it NOW! So I ordered the book and proceeded to devour it in a couple of days. It’s true what they say about timing – it was just what I needed. I’ve recommended it to several friends since who’ve caught the fever just as bad as I have. Often, it’s all we can talk about. 
Intrigued yet?
I doubt I can truly do author Marie Kondo justice – you just have to read it for yourself – but, I’ll summarise why I loved the book and how it’s changing my life:

  • The theory: when you literally get your house in order, you get your metaphorical house in order too. When you clear all the distracting, unnecessary ‘things’, you are forced to focus on the things that really matter in your life, and on clearing out the things that are in the way – the barriers
  • Joy should be the ultimate filter for everything! I’m practising this in all areas of my life where, I ask myself, ‘is this thing/person/situation/ prospect/opportunity enabling joy?’ If not, I move on to the next. Life is too precious.
  • With totally rational reasoning, that I couldn’t disagree with, Marie helped me address some of the guilt I’ve felt in the past, that’s made me hold on to things 
  • I sleep so well in hotels (better than in my own home) and this book has reminded me why, as well as empowered me to take action to replicate that good sleep, everyday (without a huge hotel bill!)
  • I’m not yet done, working through her KonMari system. As with all important things, it’s taken me longer than I anticipated. However, I already feel so amazing and it’s addictive. I’m incentivised by these endorphins, to carry on. If I feel so good now, I can only imagine how great I’ll feel when I finish!
The book gives you the best of both worlds – practical tidying tips, in the context of wellbeing, self-actualisation and living a more joyful life.
If you’ve read it too and need someone to share your excitement with, do so in the comments below. This is a judgement-free zone 🙂
KonMari Folding Technique 2
KonMari Emptying Handbag Daily
Photos from my efforts. From top: everything that has been thrown out/donated so far; Marie Kondo’s folding technique makes finding things so much easier!; I’ve been following her advice and completely emptying my bag every day and, this is how I stow away the contents.



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