Afri-love and Step and Stone present: ClarityCall – 10th January 2015



I know many of us are counting down to Christmas and the opportunity to take a break; spend quality time with family and friends and; rejuvenate our energy and spirits. For some people, thinking about work is the last thing they want to do as the year rolls to a close. But for a few of us, whose work is fuelled by passion and a desire to realise a dream, there is no ‘off’ button. If you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to the down time, so that you can spend it strategising and planning how to take your business to the next level, in 2015. 

I have a feeling many of you resonate with what I’m saying and I’ve got some wonderful news for you! I’ve partnered with the coolest startup coach I know, Danielle Anderson, to deliver a ClarityCall webinar on the 10th of January, to help you get started the way you mean to go on. This is an exclusive opportunity for you, my Afri-love community, wherever in the world you might be.

I've done this exercise with Danielle myself and it really helped me to focus on what was most important for my business at that time. It can be really hard to have that kind of perspective when you're juggling the myriad day-to-day demands of work and life. The results and momentum that I've experienced in the past couple of months, are testament to the power and value of giving myself the time to do this with Danielle. I wish this sort of pause, clarity and progress for you all so, I'm thrilled that Danielle has offered to run this exercise for us.


About This Webinar
Entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners share a common trait: trying to turn a vision into a reality. In this workshop, we’ll tackle the question responsible for many restless nights: “How will I ever get to where I want to be?” You’ll be guided through a powerful, reflective exercise to help translate your big dream into a clear, actionable plan and get your business off the ground.



  • Be able to make decisions on where best to place your limited time and energy.
  • Gain a realistic action plan for what to do next.
  • Learn how to plan for your business without a wordy, conventional (and dull) “business plan”.
  • Discover the most important areas for you to focus on first.
  • Find out how to break down the barriers that impede your progress.
  • Leave with a clear direction on where you’re heading.



Who should attend
This webinar is open to listeners around the world. No previous experience is required, just a desire to move on from where you are right now.


Preparation: Please come to the session with note taking material. You should also think about some of the challenges that you’re currently facing and be prepared to be honest with yourself on what may be holding you back.


About Our Speaker

Danielle Anderson Step and Stone Startup Coach

Danielle Anderson, founder of Step & Stone, is a startup coach for creative, social, and environmental businesses. In her past life, Danielle spent a decade working within financial services, developing business strategies, managing projects, and turning big ideas into reality. She now works with entrepreneurs to help them get strategic. Through her sessions, entrepreneurs find the space and time to slow down, think about where they want to get to, and make a plan for how to actually get there. Danielle writes a regular blog with inspiration, strategies for success, and other musings about the startup journey. You can sign up here to receive these free tips.

Connect with her @stepandstone and Facebook


Saturday 10th January, 3pm GMT (10am EST, 6pm EAT), for 1 hour.



  • Early bird tickets (book by the end of 31st December – i.e. before midnight GMT; 7pm EST and; 3am EAT on the 1st of January) – GBP 10
  • Normal tickets – GBP 15


Danielle and I look forward to helping you focus your amazingness! 


Hand-lettering and design by Lulu Kitololo/Asilia for Step and Stone




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