In Technicolour: Turquoise Colour Palettes Inspired by Wax Print



Wax print, and African textiles in general, are often such a great inspiration for me when it comes to my design work, making art and being crafty in general. The shapes, the patterns and of course, the colour combinations! The ‘In Technicolour’ series continues and this time round I've got 3 palettes for you, drawing from predominantly turquoise prints.





What will you make with these colours? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours …

The prints here were picked from my ‘Wax Print Love’ board on Pinterest. Details: diamond pattern  / floral pattern / zig zag pattern




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2 thoughts on “In Technicolour: Turquoise Colour Palettes Inspired by Wax Print”

  1. You know I loves me some wax print and it is my go to for inspiration
    BUT I never thought to block off the colors like that. What a simple, yet brilliant idea. I will definitely be doing the next time I’m debating possible color palettes. Thanks for the afri-inspiration!

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