Earth Day Celebration: Nature as Creative Inspiration

Earth Day Squash

Nature has always been my number one source of creative inspiration. The diversity abundant in the flora, fauna and landscapes that surround us have been inspiring artists, craftspeople and designers, around the world, for centuries.

In this late Earth Day post (you may have noticed TypePad was down for a few days last week), I wanted to share some photographs I’ve taken – most of them recent, thanks to my new enjoyment of Instagram, and a couple from the archives.

Patterns in nature

Wundanyi Taita Hills Plants Pattern
The leaves above were found in my Aunt and Uncle’s garden in Wundanyi, a beautiful town in the Taita Hills. I love stripes in general so these leaves caught my eye. The photo was taken on my phone and I had some fun with VSCOcam to play with colour (the leaves are actually a dull greyish green) and really bring out the pattern.

Sea Anemones Pattern
Above, some more fun with VSCOcam to bring out the patterns in nature. The source: sea anemones in an aquarium.

Patterns in Nature

There are purists who frown on photo manipulation but, I find it quite cathartic and it’s my new thing to do on my commute to and from the office. Great for creative release!

Artistic Interpretations

Leaves Pattern Iron Gate

Flora Fauna Iron Gate
It’s always interesting to me to see how artists, designers and makers use their creative license in their interpretations of nature. This provides me with some true moments of delight! Above are some nature-inspired patterned gates that I found on a recent walk not too far from my neighbourhood.

Colours in nature

One of the most joyful things of all! I really miss the vibrant colours that surround us in the tropics. Every time I travel home to Kenya, the sight of all the colours is one of the first things that gives me that ‘exhale, I’m home’ feeling. But when I open my mind eyes, I realise that there are so many beautiful colours in nature here in the UK too (smile)! Below are some photos I’ve taken, here in London, this Spring.

Colours in Nature

Colours in Nature Spring Leaves

Colours and Silhouettes in Nature

How does nature inspire you?

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