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I’m very happy to present you with a guest post from my dynamic friend, Elelta Demissie aka Ellesbells aka TechWench (which is the name of her web development company). Elelta can be found online: blogging on Nothing to Display; experimenting with and sharing recipes on Eat Alicha (including Eritrean-inspired dishes) and; sharing dope mixes on Mixcloud.  In real life, you can find her joy running around London and hanging out in radio stations, presenting shows. Phew! (tired yet?). And I thought I had many things going on!

Handing over to El and a seriously good set of tracks …

Late and rare, this is what I aim to be. Of course, if I come across new music, a book or a great film I am ecstatic but, not due to being first but rather because the thing I have discovered has brought me joy. 

There is a general climate of firsts which I think erodes the enjoyment of the arts – the act of finding becomes more important than enjoying what you have found. Of course I understand that this is a fact of our current society but I don't have to take part in this endeavor. Late 2012, my husband-to-be Gav, formed Jus Like Music, and I came up with this phrase ‘late and rare’, after discussing this phenomena. I am using it as the start point on this post.

I do believe in trailblazers and adventurers and I feel like that spirit is more about soaring in the joy of experiencing and sharing, rather than being bogged down by the pressure of being first. This is what 'late and rare' is about: taking time, enjoyment and experience. It is rare that we have the time to be alive in the moment and it must be a concerted effort. 

So what has this got to do with my musical choices? These are three tracks that I currently love and that are in rotation in my head phones. The first two are not exactly old and forgotten but, they are tracks I did not find at the time of their release.

The last track, 'Nabuma Rubberband' is almost brand new but I avoided it like the plague when it was announced. Why you might ask? Well, I find that I experience music better in a vacuum, without the opinion of others to colour it. Like eating at a fancy restaurant, I like to have a clear palate. 

I love these three tracks and they all hit a spot in me that I need touched. I hope you enjoy them too.


MAFIKIZOLO ft Uhuru  – ‘Khona'



The Internet – ‘Dontcha'



Little Dragon – 'Nabuma Rubberband' 


Image via the Mafikizolo website.




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