How to: Create a Great Web Presence + Other Top WOW Festival Picks


It's that time again – the annual Southbank Centre Women of the World Festival takes place this week, in London.

A couple of years ago, I presented on Digital Tapestries and, taking that theme to another level, this year I will be running a workshop entitled 'How to: Create a Great Web Presence'.

Most of us want to spend most of our time honing our craft – doing what we love most. However, for most of us to continue doing this, somebody's got to buy.

Whether it's customers for your products and services, whether it's booking appearances and gigs, whether it's readers and spectators. So as much as we may want to shut the world out and exist in a constant state of flow, the fact of the matter is that we need to get 'out there', talk about what we're doing – what need we're fulfilling – and, create relationships. 

So how can we achieve that? Come spend some time with me, at 3pm on Friday 7th March, and discover:

  • What's the point of a web presence anway?
  • What are your options?
  • Websites – the pros and cons of DIY
  • Top DIY solutions
  • Top tips to make your audience say "WOW"
  • How to keep them coming!


Who is the workshop for?

You could be a complete technophobe who's been resisting all things digital; perhaps you're curious about how to approach creating a website and taking advantage of email marketing, blogging and social media or; maybe you're looking to revamp your existing online presence. You will leave with:

  • An understanding of the opportunities
  • Clarity on what makes sense for your unique situation
  • Awareness of the available tools
  • Professional recommendations that you can implement yourself
  • Solid action steps that you can get started on right away

Places will fill on a first-come first-served basis and, men are welcome too!


My Top Picks for WOW

These are the top 5 things I hope to check out this WOW week/weekend:



Exhibition: J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere Hairstyles and Headdresses 

Wednesday 5 March – Sunday 27 April

The first UK exhibition of work by the renowned Nigerian. The series began in 1968 and documents a nation undergoing immense social and cultural change following post-colonisation.



Weave vs Natural? The Politics of Afro Hair 

Saturday 8 March, 12pm 

Following the success of last year's conversation (video above). Followed by the Afro Hair Meet-up at 1:30 with Crystal Afro and Angel Dike of The Natural Lounge.



Exhibition: Hera Master Come Down

Friday 7  March, 11am – 8pm

Ntiense Eno Amooquaye is a member of the London-based art collective Intoart and her practice integrates the visual, written and spoken word through print, text, image and live performance.

Being Mixed Race

Being Mixed Race

Saturday 8 March, 1:30pm

What is being ‘mixed race’? Is there such a thing as a mixed-race identity? Is the term mixed race useful to anyone but statisticians? Can today’s increasingly fluid racial identities ever really be squeezed into a onesize- fits-all box? 


Hannah Pool credit-aida-mulneh-e1393351562884-1024x575
The New Black

Sunday 9 March

Whether it’s Beyoncé being Drunk in Love or Miley Cyrus and her twerking, how far have we come from the 19th-century fetishization of Sarah Baartman as the Hottentot Venus? Does popular culture still have a problem with black women? Speakers include Dr Shirley Tate, author of Black Beauty: Aesthetics, Stylisation, Politics, Jude Smith Rachele, co-founder of Abundant Sun and Ikamara Larasai from Rewind&Reframe/Imkaan. Chaired by journalist and author Hannah Pool.


Check out the full programme of events and see you there!


Photos via the Southbank Centre website. Top photo by J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere, Hannah Pool photo by Aida Mulneh.



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