Asilia’s ‘African Flowers’ Collection of Customisable Event and Wedding Stationery



Last month, I spent a good deal of my time developing the 'African Flowers' collection of customisable event stationery, for Asilia's new online shop. The collection comprises of hand-illustrated save the date cards, thank you cards as well as wedding-specific materials such as wedding invitations, wedding order of service/menu cards and table number cards.

You can thus choose to just buy the save the date and thank you cards – which will work for any occasion – from birthdays to bridal showers, from dinners to garden parties. It's all about adding some colour and beauty to the experience. Or if you're planning those nuptials, you can buy the full set. 


As the name suggests, the collection is inspired by African flowers. When I'm sat at home or at work, here in London, especially in winter, I really long for the garden in my childhood home (photo above*). Back there, when I look outside the window – I see a lot of green with accents of vibrant colour. The garden contains plants that, upon close inspection, contain a myriad of interesting shapes designed by the best designer of all – nature! 

I wanted to capture some of that complexity and playfulness (nature is playful!). These specific designs are interpretations of daisies (Gazanias and spooned petal daisies to be precise) and iris flowers.



Browse all the designs  here. I'd love to hear which flower and colour combination is your favourite. Let me know in the comments.

Here's to spring!


I almost forgot …

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All artwork by Lulu Kitololo for Asilia. Photographs via Flickr, from top:"Gazania" by americo lucchi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped to a square; "AxIMG_7536 Greenville County SC Neeley Farm African or Butterfly Iris (Dietes vegetal)" by David Hill is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / cropped to a square and; "African Daisy" by L'eau Bleue is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped to a square.

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