13 of your Favourite Afri-love Posts in 2013



I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading these posts and engaging with me. I’m so happy that this blog has given me a platform to meet so many incredible people; to be continuously inspired and; to share the sometimes tough, but always enlightening, lessons that business and life in general throw my way. I look forward to more great discoveries and learning, new relationships and further exchange in 2014!

For this year’s round-up, I’ve decided to do things a little bit different and feature the posts that were most popular each month. Enjoy.



Interview with Social Entrepreneur Laura Marano of Green-Safari

Budding social entrepreneurs take note. Here’s one young woman who’s determined to create great experiences that are mutually beneficial for all involved. Check out Laura’s new project too, Merkato.




Interview with Make-up Artist and Entrepreneur, Muthoni Njoba

One of my favourite interviews of the year too. But I must say that there were some pretty special interviews this year – featuring renowned musicians, fashion entrepreneurs, food bloggers, photographers, filmmakers, artists and more. They all reinforce that success is achieved when you have a vision; you decide you’re going to make it happen and; you keep at it. Onwards and upwards!



Great Girls African Literature

Great Girls in African Literature that Your Daughter Should Know

Girl power, in its full complicated glory, is available in these great novels that will delight women, young and older alike.



African Fiction Reading List

My African Fiction Reading List

Literature posts were very popular this year. Along with this and the one above, my African Non-Fiction Reading List and the Chinua Achebe tribute were also very popular.




Is it African? Questions of Aesthetics, Authenticity and Classification

Exploring that tricky terrain. What constitutes ‘African’ and does the label unnecessarily confine us?




Amazing Results from my Whole30 + Autoimmune Protocol Experiment

Last year I dropped about 2 dress sizes, without really even intending to. I’ll be running a health reset challenge which you are all welcome to join. Sign up to the mailing list and get more details as soon as they’re out.



Economist Ad China Africa 1

The Economist ‘Where do you Stand’ Ad Campaign: On Chinese Investment in Africa

Two sides to every story. Where do you stand?




Shoes and Bags from South of Africa

Fikile Dube’s combinations of colour, pattern and texture have been a big hit.



Afro Supa Hero V and A Museum of Childhood

Inspired: Afro Supa Hero – An Upcoming Exhibition at London’s V&A Museum of Childhood

Black super heroes go mainstream in this exhibition curated by Creative Director, Jon Daniel. It’s still on – until February 2014.




New Khanga-Inspired Fashion from Chichia London

Christine does it again (and again) with her super funky interpretation of a fabric that, many of us in the east part of the continent have grown up with.




Interview with My Father (My Hero!), Entrepreneur and Author, Paul Kitololo

One of my favourite posts of the year! I’m so happy to have been able to share this with you all.



1 My-Miry-Shoes-Wax-Print-See-through-Pumps

Buy African: My Miry Shoes

Yup, another shoe post! Indeed, as the cliché goes, you can never have too many …


Bonus: Most popular Afri-love post of all-time


Interview with Fashion Stylist and Blogger, Nancie Mwai

Nancie’s interview, from years ago, still holds this spot! Looking at the blog’s analytics is always fascinating.


What did you enjoy most this year and what do you want more of in 2014?


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