The One Word My Kids Will Learn First: Consistency


While you may not have seen it in the frequency of posts on the blog, consistency is all I’ve been thinking about in the past month. In true cosmic form, the theme of consistency came up everywhere I looked! In conversations, in books I read, in websites I stumbled upon and in running my business.

And it really got me thinking (and fired up) about the connection between consistency and possibility and success.


Consistency is integral to success in everything

  • With creatives, it’s about consistency of practice, process and in a way, product too (artists are usually associated with the quality and style of their work)
  • WIth entrepreneurial efforts, it’s about persistence which, is just consistency in a different form. Once you have your goals, plans and systems in place, it’s all about consistent doing
  • With health and wellness, consistency when it comes to your fitness regime and sticking to your healthy-for-you diet, will yield your desired results
  • With changemaking in general, consistency builds confidence and where relevant, authority. If you keep at it, there reaches a tipping point and breakthrough is yours


My experiments

So I decided to just do it and work on consistently doing the following things:

  • Waking up early (6am) – I’ve managed to do this for at least 3 working days per week. Working on getting to 5 days
  • Going to bed earlier (in order to facilitate the goal above) – I’m now often falling asleep between 10:30 and 11pm rather than way after midnight. I’m working on being out by 10am
  • Reading daily – I do this as my wind down and since the books I’ve been reading lately have been especially compelling. I often read during my commute too (I usually try to reserve commute time for reading and writing emails. Another benefit of public transport). After all, I have quite a few reading lists to get through (African non-fiction reading list, African fiction reading list and more)
  • Writing daily – which supports everything else I do because the process of ‘thinking out on paper’ helps me to put things in perspective, reaffirm what’s working, interrogate what’s not and brainstorm a better approach
  • Doing the dreaded tasks first – this, for me, is possibly the hardest thing on the list. I get why people are always advocating it though – it works. Chores at the end of a long day at work before I sit down, relax and indulge in a TV episode. Chores at the start of the weekend, a time that has so much promise for more exciting things. The mundane aspects of work that have to be done, in order for me to spend a greater proportion of my time doing what I love
  • Leaving my computer at work during the week – leaving work at work. After all, by the time I get home, if I’m aiming to get to sleep by 10, I only have 2 hours to do anything. I spend it doing the dreaded tasks, feeding myself, escaping with a little TV (consistently only 1 episode), reading and by then, it’s a wrap.


How do you practice consistency?

The year of kindness continues. I wish you all a fantastic September – may you be kind to yourselves as well.




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