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1 My-Miry-Shoes-Wax-Print-See-through-Pumps

My Miry is a footwear and accessories brand and brainchild of designer Sara Coulibaly (My Miry translates as 'my thoughts' in the Malinké dialect of Ivory Coast). The brand recently relaunched with the "Precious" collection, featuring 13 unique shoe designs incorporating premium leather, Ankara fabrics. My mum and I picked our favourites to showcase today. From top: Crystal, Amber, Moonstone, Emerald and Onyx.


2 My-Miry-Shoes-Wax-Print-Amber-Stiletto-Sandals
3 My-Miry-Shoes-Wax-Print-Platform-Pumps
4 My-Miry-Shoes-Wax-Print-Emerald-Studded-Pumps
5 My-Miry-Shoes-Wax-Print-Onyx-Stiletto-Pumps

The collection is available to purchase on the My Miry website

Images courtesy of My Miry.




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