African Inspiration on Pinterest: Celebrating Blackness in Fashion Photography


I've come across some incredibly beautiful fashion photography where, the model's blackness is emphasised for dramatic effect. Some people feel that the exaggeration is offensive, some people view it as celebratory. If we were to put histories aside for just a few minutes, and purely regard these as pieces of fine aesthetic craftmanship …



It reminds me of the strong views people have about celebrities whose misdemeanors have come to public light. In my view? Nobody is infallible. Their unsavoury deeds don't necessarily take away from their triumphs in other areas. For example: I find R. Kelly inspiring as an artist. He takes risks and innovates in ways that his peers do not. For me, what he allegedly gets up to in his personal life does not take away from his creative work.

What's your view on blackness in art?


Images from my Pinterest page, originally via: top row – and; middle row – and; bottom row – both via 




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