The Wisdom of Crowds: A Collection of Treasures from 4 Years of Afri-love, Part II


In case you missed the announcement, Afri-love turned 4 years old yesterday! To celebrate, I've curated 56 of my favourite snippets from the years. It all kicked off yesterday and today we continue with numbers 22 – 37. Enjoy and stay tuned for the final installment tomorrow.


(22 – 23) … But there are excuses we give ourselves


(24 – 26) And  barriers we create for ourselves, and each other

  • I observe again and again, how forgetful I can be when it comes to remembering what's in my best interest — "9 Acts of Kindness"
  • It seems an unfortunate trend that Africans don't really back each others' ideas from day one and are always skeptical of each others' ventures … We just need to figure out a way to work together — Mutsai Musa in "Interview with Mutsai Musa of AfroMP3



(27 – 30) What if we embrace collaboration rather than competition?


6 Pieces Advice Starting New Business Afri-sphere

(31 – 37) What if we strive for excellence?

  • Let us also take time to be good in our craft. Let us spend time being good at what we do. I trust that the big bucks shall also find us somewhere along the way. One can never be too good, there is ALWAYS something to learn, even from someone 'inferior' — Mutua Matheka, "Interview with Artist and Photographer Mutua Matheka"


Which are your favourite nuggets?

Illustrations by yours truly. Second image from "Dispatches from WOW 2012: Highlights from the Women of the World Festival", third image from "6 Pieces of Advice for Starting a New Business in the Afri-Sphere"




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