The Best of Both Worlds: Asilia’s new site goes live!


It brings me great joy to share some news – the launch of Asilia's new website! It's almost 3 years since Andrew and I decided to co-run a full-time enterprise and this new site is testament to that journey. We've learned a lot along the way and have had great supporters, collaborators, suppliers and especially, clients, who have all helped to make it possible for us to keep doing what we love.  

In these few years – which have flown – we've come to appreciate, more and more, our identity as a company. We sum it up as, the best of both worlds. On one level, that reflects our physical presence – we have an office in London and in Nairobi and; our core offerings – design and digital, products and services. It also speaks to our company culture where, employees are expected to be entrepreneurial. But deeper than that, it has to do with our ethos of pooling inspiration, knowledge, skills and experience from various influences, cultures and sectors.





One of my favourite aspects about Asilia's new site are the 'ecosystem' section where we list the causes, destinations, services, workspaces, technology, media, as well as lifestyle and education providers that we highly recommend. I'm also excited about the 'resources' section, perhaps more so because I know about all the goodies we're working on and will be adding there over the coming months.

There are several other things to check out, such as our portfolio and blog which, we'll keep adding to over time and profiles of the amazing 'A-team'. Find out more about the journey to launch and sign up to the Asilia mailing list, for our fortnightly 'Lunch on Asilia' emails.


All images created by Asilia.




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