Interview with Musician Ntjam Rosie


I'm very pleased to bring you this interview with musician Ntjam Rosie, whose beautiful music (and fabulous style) has graced the blog before. Ntjam has an impressive 4 albums under her belt: Atouba, the fantastic Elle, Live at Grounds and her latest release from this year – At the Back of Beyond.

Ntjam talks about the importance of being grounded, of taking the time to hone your craft and of persistence. I can't agree with her more that nothing (worth having) comes easy!


What's your passion?

I love the arts, therefore I am an artist. God gave me many talents and they all come together in my music. So music is my passion.



What inspired you to become a musician?

I don't really know… It's not like I decided to become a musician. I was born a musician. This is my calling. 

I grew up in Cameroon where music is a way of life. And in Holland, I got the chance to develop the craft. That was a choice, to study. Education is power. Longevity is the outcome of a good musical foundation.

So alot of things and people inspired me to try this music thing. But above all, it is a God given talent that I have to take care of and share with the world.


What has been your greatest obstacle/challenge?

Being independent has been my greatest challenge up untill now. Finding my way in the musical legacy surrounding me is quite a journey. But developing your own sound doesn't happen over night. It takes the time it needs, if you know what I mean.

I know there is an audience for my work and like a tree I grow wiser and stronger everyday because of the experience.


How have you dealt with/overcome it?

I pray a lot. God is the center of my being. His hand pulls me through and guides me through it all. I alone can do nothing. But with him I can overcome any obstacle.

My friends and family are good to me. There are very very loving people around me. I am blessed.



What has your greatest achievement been?

So many. I am proud of my graduation as Bachelor in Music, major in singing and minor in teaching.

I am proud of all the albums I have managed to release independently. I am proud of the team that helps me to run my label Gentle Daze Records. Musicians, management and so on. I am very grateful for those people. I couldn't do it without Team Ntjam.


Where will you be in 10 years?

Only God knows.


How does Africa inspire you?

Africa is my roots. It's in my core. I breath Africa. I have fond memories of my time there. It's important to never forget where you come from. A tree falls down without it's roots. So would I.



Anything else you'd like to share?

Work hard, cry hard, wipe away your tears and march to the top like a real soldier. Never give up – nothing comes easy!

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Thank you and God bless YOU abundantly!! 


Anything we should look out for in the coming weeks/months/year?

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You can purchase Ntjam's music on Amazon and iTunes. UK readers, she'll be in London next week.

Photographs by Lenny Oosterwijk, provided courtesy of Daniel de Keizer over at Team Ntjam. 




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