Labour/May Day Special: Posts for those who’ll be resting and posts for those who’ll be building

Work Life Balance

For many of you around the world, today – labour day or May Day – is a holiday. Free time for you to spend relaxing, with yourself or with family and friends, and for some of you, extra time to spend working on building that idea you've been nurturing and perhaps even executing. 

Whether you're taking a break from your labour or indeed hustling to transform its shape, here's some inspiration for you via popular posts from the Afri-love archives.



African Inspiration on Pinterest
I update this post regularly to reflect all the new African themed and Afri-love related boards that I keep adding to my Pinterest page. Check it out for an updated list and then head over to Pinterest for the visual (and audiovisual) delights.

My African Fiction Reading List
Ideas for books that will transport you to other worlds. I love books that allow me to escape while at the same time gain an insight on or learn about something or someplace new. 

30 Ways I'll be Living More Creatively this Year
Creative activities are a great release. Something about the physical act of following a process, especially when you manage to detach yourself from fixating on the outcome, is incredibly satisfying. Try something new out, just because. Make a mess, get it 'wrong' and have fun.



6 Pieces of Advice for Starting a New Business in the Afri-Sphere
Use the quiet time today to craft a plan for making that idea happen. Use these 6 suggestions to interrogate your thinking and ensure that you've considered various aspects of what it's going to take. Then do it! 

Interview with Make-up Artist and Entrepreneur, Muthoni Njoba
I've said it before – this is one of the most inspiring interviews I've had the honour of sharing on Afri-love yet. Muthoni's story reminds us of many things including the fact that you can always change course in your career and that following your dreams can benefit your relationships, in so many ways. 

3 Tried and Tested Productivity Tools
Use today to put in place the personal systems that are going to help you get things done! These 3 tools have made such a huge difference for me and enabled me to successfully store my million ideas as well as manage to actually start executing many of them. 


How are you spending your labour day?


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