Interview with Percussionist Adriano Adewale


** Adriano is performing at the first of the Afri-love Sundown Sessions, tonight – Friday 16th October, 2015 – in London. There are still some £10 tickets available**



Today I'm very pleased to share this interview with the dynamic percussionist, Adriano Adewale. Before I went to one of his shows, I didn't really appreciate how exciting, intriguing, magical and satisfying a percussion concert could be.  If you've seen Adriano perform, you'll know exactly what I mean. Adriano pushes the boundaries of what we consider musical instruments to be (bucket of water anyone?) and tells musical stories with charm and an endearing playfulness.

The London-based Brazilian-born musician discusses his journey and reflects on the necessity of putting in the work to make things happen.


What's your passion?

Making music is my passion, all aspects of it: composing, arranging, rehearsing and performing.


What inspired you to become a professional musician?

I always loved music, since I was a child, so it was very natural. Once, I went to a party with a live band. As soon as I heard the band playing, I instantly realised I had to play music. 



What has your greatest obstacle/challenge been?

Convincing my parents I was serious about making music and that I wanted to do it professionally. 


How did you deal with it?

I went on studying and worked really hard. When I started making a living out of music and going to a music university, they realised I was determined to take it seriously. 


What has your greatest achievement been?

Learning/understanding that in reality, things are possible and you only need to work hard. There are no miracles in real life, you go and work and you make things happen – mentally, physically and spiritually. 


Where will you be in 10 years?

I am not sure. At this moment in time, the answer is Brazil. 



How does Africa inspire you?

I have always had this connection and I did not know what it was. Once I went to Nigeria and Benin and started studying and getting to know more about different African cultures, I realised the connection more and more. The roots, where I come from, supporting my being – it was one of the most important discoveries in my life. I identify myself with many aspects of African culture, even though I was born in Brazil. 


"Sound is always in the air… We pass by it, we see it and sometimes we play with it. This is the world of sound, it is all part of that great music, the song within us, which makes us move and feel." 


Anything else you'd like to share?

I would like to mention that amongst music and discoveries about the self, there is something else really important – looking at the plants, cooking, walking to nowhere… It's good to allow yourself 'space in the air' sometimes. 


Anything we should look out for in the coming weeks/months/year?

I am launching my second album in September 2013. I will also be touring the UK with a great piano player from Brazil in September/October. I am developing several projects in collaboration with great artists and organisations, all music related. 




Find out more about Adriano and his upcoming performances on his website and connect with him via his Facebook page. Purchase Adriano's music on Amazon.

Photo by Bumi Thomas, courtesy of Adriano Adewale, via the Segue website. Album artwork by Claire Curtis


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